About Us

What is the BBA?

The BBA is the UK’s leading association for the banking sector, representing the interests of more than 240 member organisations with a worldwide presence in 180 countries. Our membership brings together banks of all shapes and sizes, including retail banks, wholesale institutions, challenger banks and private banks.

The BBA supports and promotes policies and initiatives that balance both the interest of banks, and the wider public benefit. Our work is underpinned by three core priorities:

  • Helping customers – both consumers and businesses
  • Promoting growth, including supporting the UK as a global financial centre
  • Raising standards – both professional and ethical

Our strategy document sets out further details about the aims and values of the organisation.

Who do we represent?

Our member banks make up the world’s largest international banking cluster, operating approximately 140 million accounts for consumers and businesses. Banks employ around 451,000 people across the UK and are an important part of the financial services sector, which pays more than £60billion in tax every year.

Our membership list can be found here and details of how to become a member are available here.

Who works for the BBA?

For details of the BBA’s leadership team, please click here.