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  • Been turned down for finance? Here’s how you can appeal…

    Irene Graham

    On Monday Professor Russel Griggs, the independent external reviewer of the Appeals Process for small business lending, launched his first quarterly report of 2014. His numbers show that thousands of SMEs have used the Appeals Process successfully to obtain the finance they need.

    BBA Executive Director of Business Finance Irene Graham’s blog sets out a simple step-by-step guide on how the Better Business Finance website that could help you launch an appeal.

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    Written by Irene Graham

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  • A level playing field for private banks is vital

    Nicholas Smith

    Irresponsible lending is good for no-one. Taking on too much debt can devastate an individual’s life and we only have to remember the events of the last decade to see what happens to banks when they lend out money that can’t be repaid.

    That’s why the BBA and its members broadly support proposals from the Prudential Regulatory Authority to limit the number of mortgage loans greater than four-and-a-half times a customer’s income.

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    Written by Nicholas Smith

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  • The next stage of a technological revolution

    Anthony Browne

    You could be forgiven for thinking that London’s trams might be an unlikely place to find cutting edge technology. But from this week, this iconic and characterful mode of public transport – along with our more conventional Tube stations and buses – are offering technology that allows you to pay your way with just a flash of your bank card.

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    Written by Anthony Browne

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  • Credit where it’s due

    Robert Watts

    Anyone looking to take out credit in the UK is not short of places to go looking. There are more than 30 credit card issuers, at least 60 mortgage providers and over 100 firms offering personal loans.

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    Written by Robert Watts