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  • Wise words from Which? on savings

    Robert Watts

    A report by Which? released today calls for a national savings strategy. But with nearly half of the country unhappy with how much they save, what is the best way to save up a rainy day fund? BBA Director of Media Relations Rob Watts considers Which?’s wise words and reminds us it’s not too late to submit a response to the BBA’s Future of Savings consultation.

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    Written by Robert Watts

  • Referrals – will it make a difference?

    Irene Graham

    A number of banks already refer businesses, unsuitable for bank finance, on to alternative finance providers. But a new Government proposal seeks formalise the process across the entire industry. BBA Executive Director of Business Finance Irene Graham’s blog looks at the proposal and argues that it is all about making sure businesses get the right finance at the right time.

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    Written by Irene Graham

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  • New lending scheme will boost UK exports

    Irene Graham

    This week UK Export Finance (UKEF), the UK’s export credit agency, has launched an invitation for banks to partner up on its enhanced Direct Lending Scheme. The move supports the Government’s target of achieving exports of £1 trillion by 2020 and is the latest step towards realising its broader economic policy objective of “strong, sustainable and balanced growth”.

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    Written by Irene Graham

  • The doves still flutter in Threadneedle Street – but a rate rise is coming

    Richard Woolhouse

    The Bank of England’s inflation report continues to keep commentators guessing about the precise timing of rate rises. But one thing it makes clear is that interest rates will begin to rise in the foreseeable future.  When they do, changes will be very gradual and are likely to settle at around 3% – well below the historical average of 5%.

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    Written by Richard Woolhouse

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  • Serve the single market, not just financial services

    Anthony Browne

    The EU Commission’s new President is reportedly planning to create a new directorate-general for financial services. But BBA Chief Executive Anthony Browne has some reservations. A new DG could fracture the single market and lead to a flurry of new initiatives instead of giving the last tranche time to bed down. Read his blog here.

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    Written by Anthony Browne

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  • A bankers’ oath: part of the answer?

    Paul Chisnall

    Raising ethical and professional standards in banking is an objective we all share. But a single solution, such as a bankers’ oath, can only ever form part of the answer. Read BBA Executive Director for Financial Policy and Operations Paul Chisnall’s blog discussing the oath and why Sir Richard Lambert’s Banking Standards Review Council can deliver lasting cultural change.

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    Written by Paul Chisnall

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  • Is British influence in Brussels about to fall off a cliff?

    Gergely Polner

    New research from the BBA has revealed that UK influence in Brussels is set to decline sharply in the coming years as the number of British officials falls of a “cliff edge”. The BBA has called on the Government to take action to arrest this decline.  In this article BBA Head of EU Affairs, Gergely Polner, talks through some of the main findings of the report and suggests some ways the UK Government could arrest this decline.

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    Written by Gergely Polner

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