The BBA is the leading trade association for the UK banking sector with 200 member banks headquartered in over 50 countries with operations in 180 jurisdictions worldwide.  Eighty per cent of global systemically important banks are members of the BBA.  As the representative of the world’s largest international banking cluster the BBA is the voice of UK banking.

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Mobile phone apps become the UK’s number one way to bank

Banking by smartphone and tablet has become the leading way customers manage their finances, as mobile banking overtakes branches and the internet as the most popular way to bank. New research from CACI for the BBA shows that customers will use mobile devices to check their current accounts 895 million times in 2015, more than…

World of Change

Can the way we spend, move and manage our money ever have changed so much and so quickly? This transformation has been astonishing and this exciting journey is still only just beginning. Our first Way We Bank Now report in the summer of 2014 showed that mobile banking transactions had doubled in a single year, with more than 14…

Digital Disruption: UK Banking Report

Digitisation is changing many industries across the world and altering the way we as individuals and companies operate. Banking is no different. While banking has been on a path towards digitisation for many years, it is the advent of smart phones and tablet computers that has dramatically accelerated the pace of change. We have gone…

More ways to bank mean that customers are now in touch with their banks more than ever before

People are now in touch with their bank more frequently than ever before, according to new research by CACI for the BBA. In 2015 UK customers interacted with their banks about their current account 2.1 billion times – an average of 3.5 times per month each.  This is an increase of nearly 50% compared to…

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