About Us

What is the BBA?

The BBA is the leading trade association for the UK banking sector with 200 member banks headquartered in over 50 countries with operations in 180 jurisdictions worldwide.  Eighty per cent of global systemically important banks are members of the BBA.  As the representative of the world’s largest international banking cluster the BBA is the voice of UK banking.

We have the largest and most comprehensive policy resources for banks in the UK and represent our members domestically, in Europe and on the global stage. Our network also includes over 80 of the world’s leading financial and professional services organisations. Our members manage more than £7 trillion in UK banking assets, employ nearly half a million individuals nationally, contribute over £60 billion to the UK economy each year and lend over £150 billion to UK businesses.

The BBA supports and promotes policies and initiatives that balance both the interest of banks, and the wider public benefit. Our work is underpinned by three core priorities:

  • Helping customers – both consumers and businesses
  • Promoting growth, including supporting the UK as a global financial centre
  • Raising standards – both professional and ethical

Our mission statement sets out further details about the aims and values of the organisation.

Who do we represent?

Our membership list can be found here and details of how to become a member are available here.

Who works for the BBA?

For details of the BBA’s leadership team, please click here.

BBA supports local artist – Rowan Finch

London’s architecture and ever changing skyline is my inspiration. I work from photographs taken either from a helicopter or a high vantage point.

In 1993, while doing a Masters dissertation in the use of x-rays in art restoration I became interested in fine art and specifically blue pigments. After experimenting with a varity of blue pigments and their application I hit upon my blue river, monochrome, textured style. Since then I have expanded my monochrome style to include other colours.

Each painting takes 3-4 weeks to complete. I use acrylic paint which I apply using brushes, sponges and, to a varying degree, free hand by laying the canvas flat and pouring the paint onto the canvas surface from a small height. I do this because it gives a very graphical textured look and feel to the painting.

I have been exhibited at Bankside gallery and shortlisted in the first two competitions I have entered. I also sell through galleries in London and am currently trying to build up a body of work in order to put on a solo exhibition later this year.

I’m delighted how good the response to my paintings have been. Everyone comments on the texture of my paintings, something that cannot be appreciated from just looking at my work in print or online. Common throughout my artwork is the liberal use of acrylic and confidence with which it is applied.

Visit Rowan’s website here: http://www.rowanfinch.com/