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Theano Advisors

Theano Advisors is a fast-growing consulting firm specialized in advising CEOs and executive teams on large scale transformation projects, translating strategy into reality.

Created in 2012, Theano Advisors is a fast-growing consulting firm:

  • advising Chairmen and CEOs in strategy and large scale transformations by leveraging the technical, organizational, human, and prospective expertise of partners with strong experience as operational managers or trusted advisors,
  • showing relevant and resilient organizational impact in various fields ranging from aircraft assembling to banking,
  • growing in 4 years from 4 to 70 professionals, located in Paris, Düsseldorf, and New York, representing 12 nationalities, and trusted by major Fortune 500 European companies,
  • with a long history of entrepreneurship, starting in 1988 and developing in 29 years into what Theano Advisors is today.

People at Theano Advisors are guided by 3 principles:

  • The desire drives them to make change happen, to implement strategies and to complete transformations. They are able to interface with any level of the organization and to facilitate transversal dialogue within the company.
  • Theano Advisors’ approach is custom-made, thanks to our multiple perception of any given problem, not uniquely based on benchmarks or models to reproduce. It can be adjusted considering the results and the context. It is free and respectful of corporate culture. Its leads to solutions that find an optimum between reconsidering and respecting existing practices.
  • Clients’ experience with Theano Advisors is meant to have lasting impact, helping companies not only to be more resilient when facing disruption, but to be able to anticipate it, and be game changers themselves.

Theano Advisors, believes in diversity: diversity of talents, approaches, solutions… Therefore, the company developed an ecosystem able to unleash energies and bring innovative solutions to top level executives.

“There is another option

For instance:

  • Professionals at Theano can suggest and develop entrepreneurial projects. Many of them have grown, developing a core activity more or less related to Theano Advisors’ know-hows, ranging from Nelson, creating a digital strategic assistant for CEO’s and top Management to Wistiki, that develops a small-sized Bluetooth tracker that helps you find everything you hold dear.
  • Theano Advisors has developed partnerships with companies that can deepen or complement its role as trusted advisors to executive levels:
    • With Cognitive Companions, a company specialized in managing the digital shift faced by organizations and their processes. Cognitive Companions is a new but significant advisor in the digitalization of the banking Industry, working jointly with the BBA and the ICC on a common technology implementation roadmap.
    • With MAEX Gmbh, a German consulting company specialized in operational efficiency for industry and services, Theano has created in September 2015 MAEX SAS in France to run operational efficiency activities.
    • With Think&Tell, a company specialized in identifying and analyzing breakthrough practices in mature and emerging markets (India, Brazil…), Theano has developed shared innovation practices: Disruptive Engine, Analog Design Lab, Smart Watch…

With each of the above-mentioned companies, Theano maintains the ecosystem’s dynamics by mobilizing high-level professionals:

  • specialized in running large scale transformation projects
  • who know how to build with leaders trusting relationships
  • with diverse profiles, in terms of training and professional experience (engineers, business schools, but also psychologists, teachers, researchers, senior officials…) as well as of culture.

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