The BBA’s Challenger Banks Team works with a range of banking institutions to help create a level playing field for competition and so reduce barriers to growth for “challenger banks.”

We support the aim of increasing competition in the banking sector as a way of improving services to customers and raising standards.

Members are provided with opportunities to engage directly with senior regulators, politicians and policymakers and to input into the BBA’s consultation responses. They are also invited to the BBA’s high profile events in the UK and Brussels. This ensures that the views of this critical banking constituency are heard at the highest levels within the decision-making process.

Challenger Bank Catalogue

This document is intended as a reference tool for those interested in gaining a better understanding of the core characteristics and financial resilience of the UK’s challenger banks in the context of the regulatory environment. The report draws together key information from annual reports and Pillar 3 disclosures, with some data supplied directly by the participating banks themselves.

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