Foreign Banks

The BBA’s International Team seeks to ensure the BBA is effectively engaging on key regulatory and reputational issues on behalf of its members domiciled outside of the UK.

We represent the interests of more than 240 members with a worldwide presence in 180 countries. With our members, we engage with political and regulatory stakeholders to improve their knowledge and understanding of the international nature of the sector and to support the UK as a global financial centre.

Members are provided with opportunities to engage directly with senior regulators, politicians and policy makers and to input into the BBA’s consultation responses. They are also invited to the BBA’s high profile events in the UK and Brussels. This ensures that the views of this critical banking constituency are heard at the highest levels within the decision-making process.

Our priorities for 2014:

  • Promote effective financial crime and cyber security risk management in the light of heightened regulatory focus.
  • Promote the well-managed and (home) supervised branch as an alternative to subsidiarisation.
  • Ensure the free-flow of staff around a bank’s international network.


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