Barclays Apprenticeship Programme

The apprenticeship programme – Grow with Barclays – launched in April 2012, and Barclays has committed to employing 2,800 apprentices by the end of 2015.

The scheme pays all apprentices at least the National Living Wage, and provides a clear development journey for apprentices, with access to recognised professional qualifications and other Barclays programmes – such as the graduate-level Future Leader Development Programme (FLDP).

Programmes Offered:

‘Foundation’ Level 2 apprentices – 12 month contract where apprentices fulfil front line or back office roles.

‘Foundation’ Level 3 apprentices – 18 month contract where apprentices fulfil roles that require a greater level of specialisation.

‘Higher’ Level 4-6 apprentices (degree equivalent) – 2-3 year contract where apprentices fulfil roles in Relationship Management, finance, HR and mortgages.  They were the first bank to launch a new Higher Apprenticeship, creating Industry standards with other global banks.

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Case Study Quotes:

Our apprentices perform very well in terms of what they deliver.  So it’s beginning to prove that we can solve a real business problem for Barclays and do something good for the society in which we operate and tackle the very difficult problem of youth unemployment – Antony Jenkins, Barclays chief executive