The Certificate in Investment Operations is an introductory qualification that provides the essential knowledge and skills needed by a wide range of operational staff working with investments. It develops a general understanding of financial services and provides a practical insight into one of three areas of investment operations.

Importantly, the Certificate also satisfies the FCA qualification requirements for overseers of certain investment operations functions.

The Certificate comprises two compulsory units:

  • (R01) Financial services, regulation and ethics; or
  • (CF1) UK financial services, regulation and ethics; and
  • (FA4) Collective investment scheme administration; or
  • (FA5) Individual savings account administration; or
  • (FA6) Investment client servicing.


Entry requirements


Recommended study time

Units range from between 60 and 70 hours (each depends on experience and ability).

Completion requirements

To complete you need to obtain 25 CII credits by passing compulsory units: R01 or CF1 and one unit from: FA4–FA6.

Learning support

Unit study materials for this qualification typically include:

  • Study text with updates
  • RevisionMate online study support
  • Key fact booklets
  • Question packs
  • Audio revision
  • Learn interactive tutorial
  • Revision courses.


Member designation




Next step qualification

Certificate in Financial Services; or Certificate in Life and Pensions

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