Claritas® Investment Certificate

The Claritas® Investment Certificate is a new educational program from CFA Institute designed to give all professionals a clear understanding of the financial services industry. Successful candidates will learn the fundamental concepts and global standards of the industry, including ethics and regulation, global market characteristics, roles and responsibilities, analytical tools, and client service. Open to all professionals of all levels, the self-paced course requires about 100 hours of study and generally can be achieved within six months.

The Claritas Investment Certificate raises workforce competence by helping employees understand industry functions, relationships and their role and professional responsibilities, helping them see where they fit in the big picture. A shared understanding across all functions will help your global employees, your company, and ultimately the entire industry, perform better together. Claritas Investment Certificate helps your organisation stand out from the crowd by signaling an institutional commitment to ethics, giving your organisation and the public greater confidence and trust in the decisions your employees make on behalf of the business. It also helps your employees to gain knowledge and advance their careers through education.

CFA Institute is a global not-for-profit investment education and member organisation dedicated to shaping a stronger, more accountable investment industry by setting the highest standards of investment education and ethics and advocating for market integrity. We are driven by the belief that an investment industry where investors’ interests come first, financial markets function at their best, and economies grow can only function when led by competent and ethically centered investment professionals. That’s why we work with our global partners to develop advanced, practice-based investment education curricula like the CFA, CIPM, and Claritas Programs and develop high professional standards grounded in ethical principles that put investors first. Since our founding in 1947, we have grown to become the largest global association of investment professionals with 5 global offices serving more than 115,000 members in 130+ countries.

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