The ICA Advanced Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering is aimed at new and recently-appointed MLROs, Financial Crime and Risk Officers. It provides an intermediate-level programme for individuals engaged in financial services and who aspire to a career in anti-money laundering.

About the Qualification

The Advanced Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering is intended to demonstrate a threshold level of competence and will provide useful preparation and an entrance qualification for those wishing to embark on study for further qualifications.

The programme comprises the following core modules:

  • The International Context
  • UK Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • AML in Practice
  • Managing the Risk of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting
  • Emerging Industry Sectors


What does it cost?

In order to study any ICA qualification you need to be a member of the ICA, joining an international professional community of thousands of like-minded individuals.  The fee for ICA Affiliate Membership is £97 payable to ICA* and includes your assessment and access to invaluable knowledge resources that will help with your course as well as many other member benefits and services (view the list of membership services and benefits that you’ll receive here ). Become an Affiliate Member

The course fee is £1675 + VAT payable to ICT (ICA’s training provider).

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*unless you are a member of the ICA already.

The commencement date for this programme is 24 October 2016

Workshops London Tutor
Workshop One 23, 24, 29, 30 November, 01 December 2016 (LB 23) (PD 24) (DF 29 30 01)
Workshop Two 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 March 2017 (LB 15 16) (DF 21 22 23)
Assignment & Exam Dates
Assignment 23 January 2017
Examination 04 May 2017


Workshops Jersey Guernsey Isle of Man
Workshop One 06 December 2016 (AC) 07 December 2016 (AC) 01 December 2016 (AC)
Workshop Two 07 March 2017 (JF) 08 March 2017 (DF) 09 March 2017 (AC)
Assignment and Exam Dates
Assignment 23 January 2017
Examination 04 May 2017

The examination is open book and lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes

Fast Facts:

  • 6 months duration
  • Provides extensive support and resource materials that can be used in the workplace
  • Written and delivered by experienced industry practitioners
  • Specialist and sector-specific modules
  • 2 workshops, 1 assignment and 1 open book examination lasting 1 hours and 45 minutes


Awarded in association with Alliance University of Manchester Business School

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