Corporate Governance is recognised as central to the effective and efficient running of any firm, and is therefore a subject of prime importance to companies, employees and regulators. Regulators have identified Corporate Governance as a key driver in delivering outcomes, and as a good indicator of a firm’s culture of compliance. Culture and ethics are firmly in the regulatory, media and political spotlight and are likely to remain there.

By using examples from the UK system in combination with those from other jurisdictions, the ICA Specialist Certificate in Corporate Governance is designed to demystify an often misunderstood discipline and provide senior managers with a much clearer understanding of the benefits that can be obtained from effective Corporate Governance and what exactly is required to obtain these benefits.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for anyone who has a professional or personal interest in broadening their knowledge by studying Corporate Governance, and the risks attached to failures in this key area

  • All senior managers who are keen to add to their expertise in this certificated area
  • Executive directors keen to add to their experience
  • Non-executive directors who need to add to their knowledge and understanding
  • Senior operational staff who need a greater understanding of the role and impact of Corporate Governance requirements
  • Heads of Compliance who need to understand the risks they face
  • Anyone with an interest in the subject matter


What will you learn?

When you undertake the course, in addition to the fundamentals of Corporate Governance and Compliance you will cover the following areas:

  • Defining corporate governance
  • Why it is so important
  • Understanding the inter-relationships between Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Common principles of good corporate governance
  • What makes an effective corporate governance system work
  • The roles and functions of the Board


Entry requirements

The qualification is specifically designed to be detailed yet accessible. Prior subject matter knowledge will be useful, but is not essential.

The AML focussed Specialist Certificate series from ICA all commence with a brief introductory unit, designed to introduce the key concepts to those students who are less familiar with the broader context. From there, the more in-depth issues are examined.

However, to get the most from the course, a good basic standard of English (particularly reading) is required.

How and where can you study

The course is fully online so can be studied at any time, wherever you are in the world.

How will you be assessed?

At the end of the online course you will take a one hour multiple choice exam of 15 short-form questions. The pass mark is 70%.

You are not permitted to access any material (off or online) throughout the duration of the exam so although you will not be supervised, you will be required to confirm your understanding of and agreement to this prior to taking the exam.

Does this count towards ICA CPD?

Specialist Certificate courses count as 15 hours of ICA CPD credit.

Can this course be taught in-house?

If you have a training requirement for more than ten employees, why not contact us to discuss delivering the training in-house at your firm? It’s the ideal way to maximise your budget, minimise disruption and tailor content to your specific needs. In-house training from ICT is available all over the world. They’ve worked with hundreds of clients and can do the same for you. Call the dedicated in-house training team on +44(0) 121 362 7678 to discuss your training needs.

What does it cost?

In order to study any ICA qualification you need to be a member of the ICA, joining an international professional community of thousands of like-minded individuals.  The fee for ICA Affiliate Membership is £30 payable to ICA* and includes your assessment and access to invaluable knowledge resources that will help with your course as well as many other member benefits and services (view the list of membership services and benefits that you’ll receive here ). Become an Affiliate Member

The course fee is £595 + VAT payable to ICT (ICA’s training provider).

Enrol online now

*unless you are a member of the ICA already.
These fees include a printable certificate once you have completed the course.