Close Brothers Apprenticeship Programme

Our ASPIRE programme gives school leavers the opportunity to start their careers in professional, challenging and fast paced businesses.

The programme is a structured two year rotational programme. You must be mobile and willing to work in a variety of locations across the U.K. as we like our apprentices to move around our business to get as much real work experience as possible. You’ll be on the front line; handling queries from our customers as you work in either our banking or asset management divisions. You will be learning on the job with supportive teams around you and at the same time we will sponsor you to achieve a professional certificate in banking with the Institute of Financial Services.

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Testimonials from our current Aspire classes:

“If you have an interest in working in financial services the ASPIRE programme is effectively the same principal as a graduate scheme. However, you begin 3/4 years earlier and aren’t lumbered with debts from the larger tuition fees now being charged. It was a no brainer. It gets your “foot in the door” and gives you such a broad experience in such a short time, that you are then left standing on a solid platform for future success. On top of that, you are doing this at a company where everybody is valued equally and you are given the same tasks and responsibilities as other experienced professionals. Close Brothers has made me feel welcome and is very supportive of my future goals. In financial services if you have the drive and determination then university is no longer your only option.” – Igor Pankratov

“The business has a great, friendly culture which is reflected by how welcome every team has made me feel. It is great to be a part of the ASPIRE programme as personally, I have learnt new skills, met new people, engaged with different departments and have understood greatly about the company and its culture.” – Zakia Yasin

“The ASPIRE programme really stood out to me as it gave me a chance to experience all areas of the bank and see the internal workings in various departments. The main reason I applied was that I can take a professional qualification in Banking and Finance, fully supported by the company. After just finishing school I wanted to experience different things as I wasn’t sure what area of finance I liked the most and this programme suits me perfectly. The Close Brothers ASPIRE programme has given me the working life and university life combined with a chance to travel around the country and I would recommend it to anyone.” – George Stone