Cold Calls, Vishing and Couriers

What to look out for: Suspicious calls from your bank or the police, with offers to visit your home

In these cases a fraudster will say they are from the bank or police, and that a fraudulent credit card payment has been spotted or a card due to expire needs to be replaced. To convince the intended victim they are genuine, the caller will suggest the customer hangs up and calls the bank back on the number printed on the back of their debit or credit card. But the fraudster never actually disconnects the line so that when you call the real number you are still speaking to them.

Usually the fraudster will then ask for the customer’s PIN and then send a courier to the victim’s home to collect the bank card, promising to provide a new one. By now the assailant has obtained the victim’s name, address, bank details, card and PIN – plenty to make large bogus payments. The technique of using a telephone call to steal personal or banking information is known as “vishing”.

Other types of courier fraud to be aware of:

Customers are asked by their bank to participate in a fake police investigation, usually involving a corrupt member of staff who has been stealing from customer accounts. Typically they will be asked to withdraw substantial sums of money over the counter at their bank without arousing the suspicion of the bank staff and wait at home for it to be collected by a courier for safe keeping.