Financial Support

In addition to business loans, there is a wide range of financial products available to help businesses access the funding needed to grow and thrive.

  • The Business Finance Guide

    The BBA is pleased to be a partner in the new Business Finance Guide – a journey from startup to growth, which sets out the main things to consider and Read More

  • British Business Bank Enterprise Finance Guarantee

    The British Business Bank’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) facilitates lending to smaller businesses that are viable but unable to obtain finance from their lender due to having insufficient security to Read More

  • Unsuccessful Lending Applications and Lending Declines

    Introduction/Background Banks are committed to supporting smaller businesses to do what they do best – drive economic growth and create jobs. Banks are agreeing between 80 and 85 per cent Read More

  • IFT® statement of principles for the uk ‘business support units’ of banks

    The BBA members which have SME activities and business support units are broadly in support of these IFT principles, although it should be recognised that banks have different operating models Read More

  • BBA response to banks commitment on Deeds of Priority

    Banking groups announced today that they have implemented new procedures to help businesses secure alternative finance. In March the BBA and the four main high street lenders: Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group Read More

  • Angel Investment

    Angel investors are wealthy individuals who offer finance to businesses in return for a share of equity. They usually give advice as well as funds, often for start-ups or ventures at an early stage. Read More

  • Asset Finance

    Buying a new asset outright can tie up large amounts of your business’s capital, so it may not be your best option. Asset finance is another way to fund your purchase. Read More

  • Bonds & Guarantees

    Bonds and guarantees are a way banks underpin credit agreements between businesses and their investors. These products give a buyer the greater security of a financial guarantee if a seller does not meet their contractual obligations. Read More

  • Business Credit Cards

    You’re probably already well aware of the way credit cards work. Just like a consumer credit card, the business version lets you make a purchase and repay the card issuer later. Read More

  • Business Overdrafts

    An overdraft is a borrowing facility attached to your bank account, set at an agreed limit. It can be drawn on at any time and is most useful for day-to-day expenses. Read More

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Help at Hand

We are in the midst of a consumer-led revolution in the way we do our day-to-day banking. Customers love the new technology that is allowing them to bank round the clock and which is providing us all with our own personal financial advisors. The BBA’s influential Way We Bank Now report shows that through the…

Winning the Global Race

The competitiveness of the UK as a centre for international banking   In late 2014, the BBA began discussing the UK’s competitiveness as an international banking centre with its members and with stakeholders within government and regulatory bodies. It became clear that there was a widespread interest in developing a strategy to safeguard the position of the UK as a…

Diversity and Inclusion in Banking

As part of its new Strategic Report for UK companies, introduced in time for 2013 year-end reporting, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) put in place requirements for companies to report on the gender breakdown of their employees. This requires, as a minimum, the disclosure of gender ratios relating to main boards, senior managers and total employees. The…

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