Accessible Banking

Banks are working hard to make their services accessible to everyone, a process informed by engaging with customers and learning what their specific needs are. In this section we discuss some of the products, commitments and physical changes that the banks are using to make personal finance accessible for all different sorts of people.

  • Basic bank account

    A basic bank account allows you to receive payments, pay in cheques, withdraw money and also set up Direct Debits and standing orders. These are straight forward bank accounts and do not offer customers overdraft facilities. Read More

  • Dementia Charter

    The ‘Dementia-friendly financial services charter’ has been drawn up to give assistance to banks and other financial services organisations to identify, understand and respond to the many needs of those customers that have live with dementia. Read More

  • Hearing Loops

    It’s vital that customers can communicate as easily and discreetly as possible with their bank. That’s why banks are committed to check hearing loops in branches are clearly marked and working. Read More

  • Talking ATMs

    The Royal National Institution of Blind People (RNIB) has been running a ‘Talking ATM’ campaign to encourage major banks to make Britain’s cash machine network accessible to blind and partially sighted people. Read More

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International Students

Our new leaflet, telling international students everything they need to know about opening and using a bank account in the UK. Coming to school, college or university in the UK can be a daunting experience, especially for those arriving on these shores for the first time. In order to help international students get set up…

Help at Hand

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