Borrowing from your bank can be a useful way to smooth out the gaps between your income and expenditure to help you to pay for a larger purchase, such as a car or house. Used sensibly, borrowing money can be a helpful tool for managing your finances. The key is to remain in control of your money and to make sure that you don’t over-stretch yourself.

  • Considerations before borrowing

    First of all, do you need to borrow? Take into account any savings that you may have and consider if borrowing is actually required. Give some thought to what you Read More

  • Bank charges and interest

    Charges relate to the amount charged for operating your account or providing a particular service. Interest is calculated on the amount you are borrowing and is payable in addition to Read More

  • Loans

    To borrow over a longer period, a loan with regular monthly repayments might be more appropriate.   It is vital that you consider carefully whether you can afford to take Read More

  • Personal overdraft

    An overdraft is a service provided by a bank which allows a customer to continue to make payments or withdrawals from an account even when there is not enough money Read More

  • Mortgages

    The biggest loan that you are ever likely to take out is a mortgage. Typically, you will repay it over 25 years, although longer and shorter periods can be arranged. Read More

  • Credit Cards

    Credit cards are one of the most flexible forms of short-term borrowing, giving you the option of repaying as much of your monthly balance as you choose although there is Read More

  • Credit Scoring

    Banks are committed to helping you make financial decisions that best suit your circumstances. As responsible lenders, banks take into account your personal circumstances to try to establish the appropriate Read More

  • Standards of Lending Practice

    Please note that the Lending Code was replaced by the Standards of Lending Practice in July 2016 and you can find out more information on the Lending Standards Board website.

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