Current Accounts

Current accounts are the facility many of us use to run our day-to-day finances. Here you will find useful information on how current accounts work and links to other helpful organisations. There is also information on Universal Credit for those customers who have queries about how the new system will work and what to expect from you bank.

  • Industry Guidance for FCA Banking Conduct of Business Sourcebook

    The industry guidance was updated and confirmed by the FCA, effective from January 2017, to reflect a number of changes that became operational in 2016. The updated guidance is available Read More

  • Bank Account access in the UK for Non Residents

    This webpage is designed to provide information for non-residents looking to enter banking relationships in the UK while continuing to reside outside UK. Non-residents If you live permanently outside the Read More

  • Opening a bank account

    Having a bank account makes it a lot easier and cheaper to pay bills. Most employers will only pay you through a bank account, and it’s safer than keeping lots Read More

  • Cards

    If you have a bank account, it is highly likely that it will come with a card. Here’s our explanation on the differences between bank cards, how you should use Read More

  • Cheques and clearing

    Cheques are written orders from account holders instructing their banks to pay specified sums of money to named beneficiaries. They are not legal tender but are legal documents and their Read More

  • Switching bank accounts

    Want to switch? First, ask yourself why you want to move. If you are considering moving your account because you are unhappy with some aspect of the service, have you Read More

  • Student accounts and finance

    Got a place at college or university? Check out our guide on how to manage your finances independently, open a student bank account and make the most of the benefits Read More

  • Joint accounts

    A joint account is an account opened in the names of two or more people. You can have a sole account as well as your joint account. A sole account Read More

  • Lost accounts

    What is a lost account? Banks, building societies and NS&I wherever possible seek to keep in touch with their customers. If, however, an account has been inactive for an extended Read More

  • ATMs

    ATMs, or cash machines, are now the most popular way for people to withdraw cash from their bank accounts using their Personal Identification Number (PIN). LINK is the UK’s cash Read More

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We are in the midst of a consumer-led revolution in the way we do our day-to-day banking. Customers love the new technology that is allowing them to bank round the clock and which is providing us all with our own personal financial advisors. The BBA’s influential Way We Bank Now report shows that through the…

Winning the Global Race

The competitiveness of the UK as a centre for international banking   In late 2014, the BBA began discussing the UK’s competitiveness as an international banking centre with its members and with stakeholders within government and regulatory bodies. It became clear that there was a widespread interest in developing a strategy to safeguard the position of the UK as a…

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