Financial Crime

The evolution of modern technology means that criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and banks and the police have to work hard to stay one step ahead. Here we’ve tried to provide some important tips on how you can help by protecting yourself, along with some helpful information on what to do if you have recently become a victim of financial crime.

  • Scams to be aware of

    Recent scam The BBA does not sell products or services to the public and will never make unsolicited telephone calls or send unsolicited emails to members of the public except Read More

  • Too good to be true? It probably is!

    The dodgy investment fraud What to look out for: brochures through the post and cold calls from “investment brokers” you don’t know offering big money deals Fraudsters pressure would-be victims Read More

  • Keep your cards close to your chest

    Cold calls, ‘vishing’ and couriers What to look out for: Suspicious calls from your bank or the police, with offers to visit your home In these cases a fraudster will Read More

  • Be cautious around new friends

    Relationship tricksters What to look out for:  Online contacts with a keen interest in you, your personal circumstances and information. Criminals trawl the internet and send “phishing” emails to obtain Read More

  • Beware of the upfront stunt

    Compensation, Con artists What to look out for: Calls or texts asking for upfront payment in return for big money compensation Criminals call or text to say the customer is Read More

  • Online fraud

    Millions of people in the UK regularly use the internet to access their bank accounts or to shop online, with an increasing number of adults doing both. The internet remains Read More

  • Credit card theft & fraud

    Payment card fraud involves criminals stealing your payment cards, or obtaining your card or account details in order to steal money from your account or run up credit in your Read More

  • Identity theft & fraud

    The terms ‘identity theft’ and ‘identity fraud’ are often used very loosely to describe any situation where personal details are stolen for criminal gain. Identity fraud Identity fraud happens when fraudsters use a Read More

  • 12 tips to avoid being a victim of fraud

    1. Always shield your PIN and don’t ever send it over the internet or disclose it to anyone. Your bank or the police will never phone or email you to Read More

  • Helpful organisations

    Accessing free advice  If you suspect someone else has used your personal details fraudulently, you can access free assistance through the Credit Reference Agencies’ Victims of Fraud Service. For more Read More

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