Recent scam

The BBA does not sell products or services to the public and will never make unsolicited telephone calls or send unsolicited emails to members of the public except in reply to their queries. Nor will we ask you to verify personal information or account details. If you receive a suspicious telephone call or email which appears to come from us, please let us know at

The BBA is warning the public of a recent scam we have been made aware of. Criminals are cold calling victims purporting to be from the BBA offering ‘quick cash loans’, and being asked to transfer a ‘fee’ to the fraudsters.  This is a scam and users are advised to hang-up the phone immediately and report the incident to Action Fraud.

Unfortunately, criminals are always finding new ways of obtaining money under false pretences. It’s important to be safe and to be aware of the different scams and tricks they commonly use to get their hands on your cash.

The BBA have produced this useful leaflets which outlines some of the most common financial deceptions.

The Metropolitan Police also produce the Little Book of Big Scams which provides some useful information and guidance on fraud, as informed by police experience.

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