Digital ID&V Conference

How to build a secure and frictionless verification process

Traditional methods of identity verification are contributing to lengthy and expensive KYC and on-boarding processes. Technological advances and regulatory requirements are forcing public and private organisations to rethink their identity verification processes. This is further compounded by changing customer preferences and the increasing need to establish identity in non-face-to-face environments.

In 2014 the Government Digital Service launched GOV.UK Verify. The scheme went live in May 2016 and it enables the public to access services digitally and to assert their identity in a secure, online manner. Government and industry now need to explore whether the Verify and other digital ID schemes meet the needs of the financial services industry and how to make best use of this emerging technology.

This BBA’s event brings together government, banks and industry experts to discuss digital identity and the KYC landscape. They will explore the opportunity provided by digital ID and the barriers that might need to be overcome to ensure a secure and frictionless verification process in the future.

Speakers include:

  • Bob Ferguson, Head of Department, Strategy and Competition Division, Financial Conduct Authority
  • Elena Alampi, Policy Officer, DG CNECT, European Commission
  • David Rennie, Head of Industry Engagement, GOV.UK Verify
  • Sarah Munro, Head of Digital Identity, Barclays
  • Olivia Randell, VP AML Policy, Financial Crime Risk, Barclays
  • Nils Inge Brurberg, Project Manager, Bits AS


This event is not open to media.

Topics on the agenda include:

  • Government’s digital identity vision
  • The KYC and ID&V landscape – Identifying the gaps and what comes next
  • How does digital ID&V fit with current regulation?
  • European perspective – How does digital identity and verification align with AML obligations?
  • Barclays and digital ID

09:00 Registration opens
09:25 Chair’s opening remarks

Ewan Willars, Policy Director, Retail, BBA

09:30 Opening address: Government’s digital identity vision
  • Update on GOV.UK Verify – how do government plan to make the service applicable to financial services?
  • Re-using identity accounts for financial services

David Rennie, Head of Industry Engagement, GOV.UK Verify

10:00 Presentation: The KYC and ID&V landscape - Identifying the gaps and what comes next

Ben Luddington, Director, PwC

10:30 Presentation: How does digital ID&V fit with current regulation?

Bob Ferguson, Head of Department, Strategy and Competition Division, Financial Conduct Authority

11:00 Networking break
11:30 Presentation: The Millennial Customer: privacy vs. customer experience in financial services
  • Attitudes and behaviours towards information sharing and identity authentication

Steve Arnison, Commercial Director, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

12:00 Presentation: European perspective - How does digital identity and verification align with AML obligations?

Elena Alampi, Policy Officer, DG CNECT, European Commission

12:30 Networking lunch
13:30 Presentation: Barclays and digital ID

Sarah Munro, Head of Digital Identity, Barclays
Olivia Randell, VP AML Policy, Financial Crime Risk, Barclays

14:00 Presentation: Strong eID - baseline for digitalisation in society
  • Innovation through collaboration

Nils Inge Brurberg, Project Manager, Bits AS

14:30 Panel discussion: Bridging the gap between payment innovation and identity
  • How does digital ID link to other initiatives?

Richard Davies, Global Head of Propositions for Commercial Banking, HSBC
Julian Sawyer, Chief Operating Officer, Starling Bank
Tom Dunbar, Industry Change Manager, Payments UK
Paul Weathersby, Strategy and Product Management Director, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

15:15 Chair’s closing remarks

Ewan Willars, Policy Director, Retail, BBA

15:20 Close of conference

Bob Ferguson

Head of Department, Strategy and Competition Division, Financial Conduct Authority


Bob Ferguson, Head of Department for Project Innovate, Financial Conduct Authority.  Bob Ferguson leads on Project Innovate at the Financial Conduct Authority.  Project Innovate encapsulates the FCA’s active engagement with the innovation community and with Fintech in particular, and aims to make the regulatory system more innovation-friendly.  Bob was previously responsible for supervision of wealth managers and private banks, and before that, Head of Financial Crime & Intelligence.


Bob graduated in law at Edinburgh University, and taught law in Cardiff and Dundee. He is also a visiting professor of law at Queen Mary, London, and at the London School of Economics.

Elena Alampi

Policy Officer, DG CNECT, European Commission


Member of the European Commission since 2003, Elena currently works in the “eGovernment and Trust” Unit in Directorate General ‘Communication networks, content and technology’ (DG CONNECT) of the European Commission where she is responsible of the implementation and uptake of eIDAS Regulation (EU) N°910/2014. The purpose of the Regulation is to deliver a predictable regulatory environment for electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market to boost user convenience, trust and confidence in the digital world.


She has a university degree in Interpretation at the University of Bologna, Italy, and has carried out post-graduate studies in EU law at the King’s College in London.

David Rennie

Head of Industry Engagement, GOV.UK Verify


David Rennie is Head of Industry Engagement for GOV.UK Verify leading market development initiatives for the Cabinet Office programme. He is a Board member of the UK Chapter of the Open Identity Exchange through which government departments engage with the private sector on jointly funded, collaborative projects to address specific identity challenges.


Originally a payments consultant in the financial services sector David joined the Home Office’s Identity Card Programme in 2005, and was seconded to work for James Crosby’s Public / Private Forum on Identity Management in 2007. He has since worked for Cabinet Office on the development and implementation of federated identity assurance.

Ben Luddington

Director, PwC


Ben Luddington is a Director in PwC’s London-based Forensic Services practice and UK Lead in financial sanctions. Ben’s recent experience includes working with BBA and Cabinet Office to conduct an analysis of GOV.UK Verify standards against UK regulatory and industry practise.  This involved obtaining an understanding the current on-boarding practices by UK retail banks, assessing the information and processes provided under GOV.UK Verify and comparing GOV.UK Verify to UK KYC practices.


Ben also works closely with companies in the FinTech sector conducting digital on-boarding and electronic account authentication and other aspects of digital identity.


Ben has over 20 years forensic experience which includes leading a large team assisting a large global bank with preparation for an FCA Systematic Anti-Money Laundering Programme review. His experience includes conducting monitoring assignments in respect of two Iranian banks in London specialising in trade finance; financial crime reviews for a number of medium-sized financial institutions; S166 reviews for the regulator into the activities of London-based banks and compliance with relevant AML requirements; and AML file reviews as part of remediation exercises for UK trade finance banks.

Sarah Munro

Head of Digital Identity, Barclays


Sarah Munro is Head of Identity as a Service at Barclays, leading the team to become the first bank to be an identity provider as part of GOV.UK Verify and now developing future use cases for use internally and within the Public and Private Sector. Prior to joining Barclays, Sarah held a range of senior product marketing roles, most latterly as Director of International Marketing at Royal Mail.

Julian Sawyer

Chief Operating Officer, Starling Bank


As Chief Operating Officer, Julian oversees business operations, including payment systems, card operations, customer contact, human resources and supplier relationships.


Julian worked as a management consultant at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and EY, specialising in large transformation change in the cards and payments industry. He set up his own financial services consultancy, Bluerock, which he ran for thirteen years before selling it in 2012.


After many years as a consultant, joining Starling gave Julian the opportunity to put all his learnings into practice, to build a bank with an amazing team of true professionals. He enjoys working at a fintech business since he loves delivering things, making things happen and moving things forward at pace.

Olivia Randell

VP AML Policy, Financial Crime Risk, Barclays


Olivia Randell joined Barclays in August 2015, and provides the Barclays UK Retail business with advice on compliance with policy and regulation. As part of this role Olivia has provided support on the OIX research work looking at the re-use of digital identity in the regulated sector. Previous roles have been held with other UK banks both small and large, which has highlighted the on-going challenge of on-boarding customers in a mass market offering, where there is a need to ensure robust AML controls are in place whilst remaining commercial.

Nils Inge Brurberg

Project Manager, Bits AS


Nils Inge Brurberg is the Progamme Manager for an initiative between Government services and financial services (DSOP) for digitisation in Norway running at present six different projects.  Former Product Manager at BankID Norway, a nationwide eID authentication scheme established by the Norwegian banking industry consisting of 130 banks. In his current role, he works with partners and stakeholders such as banks, financial institutions, ministries,  directorate  and other private companies to define and develop a interface for the mutual benefit of private and public customers.


With 30 years of extensive experience in the areas of authentication, IT security, and audit, Nils Inge is an expert in developing new market opportunities for Internet-based services and products. He was a key negotiator for banks and operators when BankID decided to adopt the mobile solution in 2006, and was instrumental in extending the contract to include all Norwegian operators in 2012. He was also BankID´s representative at SSEDIC (“Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community”), a EU sponsored project.


Prior to joining BankID, Nils Inge was the Product Manager for PKI-related initiatives at Nordeabank Nordic, where he was responsible for the Nordeas BankID initiative.


Nils Inge holds a Bachelors degree in computer science.

Richard Davies

Global Head of Propositions for Commercial Banking, HSBC


Richard Davies is Global Head of Propositions for Commercial Banking (CMB). He is responsible for driving strategic change for all commercial clients with a design led focus on digital innovation and client experience.


Richard joined HSBC in August 2014 as Chief Operating Officer for the UK Commercial Bank, responsible for a range of areas including lending products, business and regulatory change, client on-boarding and digital channels.


Prior to joining HSBC, Richard was CEO of the challenger bank OakNorth, where he successfully led the process to design the business model, develop regulatory licence submissions, and recruit the executive management team to enter the UK market.
Previously, Richard held various senior roles at Barclays including:


  • Managing Director, Global Corporates UK
  • Head of South East Commercial Banking
  • Head of Strategy, Commercial Banking


Before joining Barclays, Richard worked at Lloyds TSB and at L.E.K. Consulting. Richard has a MA Economics and M.Phil Development Economics from Trinity Hall Cambridge.

Steve Arnison

Commercial Director, LexisNexis Risk Solutions


As Commercial Director at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Stephen Arnison is focused on helping clients in Financial Services to improve performance and manage regulatory, operational and relationship risk.  Highly skilled at solving complex problems within the customer journey, including identity management, fraud detection, and financial crime compliance, Stephen is part of the LexisNexis Risk Solutions team who recently undertook research into the Millennial generation and their tolerance to friction in the customer journey. He will share the results of this research at the BBA ID&V conference.


With a deep knowledge of SaaS, data linking and analytics, risk management, consumer and business information and supporting technologies, Stephen has supported the Financial Service sector in managing risk effectively for over 20 years at a range of risk information and technology organisations.

Paul Weathersby

Strategy and Product Management Director, LexisNexis Risk Solutions


An experienced technology professional that creates strategy and builds products to help clients better understand their customer base to solve for issues relating to customer on-boarding, financial crime compliance, identity and fraud, collections, and life and pensions.


Responsible for product strategy, building and managing product teams, and execution of roadmaps to help companies grow market share.


Paul is versatile people manager, coach and mentor in leading both business and technology teams through business strategy, organisational change and crisis management (business continuity plans).

Tom Dunbar

Industry Change Manager, Payments UK


Tom joined Payments UK in 2014 as a part of the regulatory and government engagement function within the Industry Policy Group. He is now responsible for the provision of market intelligence and supports Payments UK and its members to address regulatory and policy driven change in the payments industry. Tom’s career began in the Houses of Parliament and he is also currently responsible for coordinating regulatory and Government engagement.


With a background in regulatory policy and several years of experience in regulation, policy and understanding the change agenda, Tom’s current focus includes open banking implementation, working with Government on their requirements as a user of the payments industry, and on delivering thought leadership on innovations in data for payments.


Tom also runs the industry’s Government Engagement and Advisory Group and the Whitechapel Think Tank, which focuses on issues relating to blockchain. He sits on a number of committees, including the Berlin Group which focuses on the implementation of PSD2.


– Regulatory and industry change in the payments industry;
– Open banking, CMA Retail Banking Market Investigation and PSD2;
– Government engagement and requirements of payments industry;

Ewan Willars

Policy Director, Retail, BBA


Ewan joined the BBA in July 2015 as Policy Director in the Retail team, with a particular focus on the ongoing changes to payments regulation and practice, both in the UK and EU.  Before joining the BBA he worked as Policy Director for ACCA, a global membership body for accountants, leading the organisation’s influencing and research activities.  Previous to that Ewan worked for a number of bodies in the construction sector, involving policy positions based in both London and Brussels.

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