Audio-Visual Details and Pinners Hall Studio

All the facilities at Pinners Hall are designed to ensure your event runs smoothly and without a technical hitch.

We have qualified technical personnel with the ability to provide support for events if required. Details of the product portfolio include:

Full video conferencing facilities

A large-screen video conferencing facility is available within the Council Rooms and mobile video conference units (Tandberg 2500) are available for use in any room.

Ceiling mounted projectors in all rooms

XVGALCD data/video projectors
Overhead projectors 400w halogen for use with data video panels

Presentation materials

  • Projection screens
  • Flipcharts
  • Writing boards via an AV

CRT video/data rear projection system

  • MAC/PC input
  • Sound reinforcement
  • 35mm projection

Video monitors, VCRs, DVD

Laptops can also be provided and set up by our in-house technicians.

All AV functions are managed through a hand-held presentation room controller system that incorporates all sound and lighting control.

A service is also offered whereby presentations can be sent to the technical staff in advance of an event for prior loading on to the system. This enables thorough pre-event checking of all technical eventualities and helps avoid any last-minute panics.

NB: All AV equipment is included in the room hire cost with the exception of call charges incurred through the use of the video conferencing facilities.

Pinners Hall Studio

The professionally equipped radio studio at Pinners Hall is also available for hire for live or recorded interviews with both national and regional radio stations. Suitable for direct broadcasting to both BBC and commercial radio stations, the studio is designed to accommodate broadcast training and interview familiarisation. Up to three participants can be accommodated simultaneously.

Pinners Hall Studio Technical Specifications

1 x Glensound GTSGC5 ISDN mixer with dual codec compatible with both APTX and G722 systems

1 x TEAC double auto reverse cassette deck with Dolby B–C NR HX Pro with cassette copy facility

1 X Beyerdynamic DT 292 combined microphone/headphone

2 X Bererdynamic Hypercardioid microphones with desk stands

There is a cable link between the studio and Cornhill allowing a microphone and headphones to be used to simulate remote broadcasting for training purposes.


Sandra Dane, Conference Suite Manager
Tel: 020 7216 8886