Conference and Meeting rooms

Pinners Hall conference facilities in the heart of the City.

Whether you require a room for a one-to-one meeting, or team-building session, perhaps with lunch or dinner, or a conference or seminar venue for 140 people with refreshments, Pinners Hall can accommodate your needs in modern comfort and style. We offer bespoke solutions to our clients, for all types of event, large or small. If you would be interested in having a look around the venue, or require any more information, please contact the conference suite team using the details below. All the rooms include the following features:

  • Air conditioning
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Excellent acoustics and soundproofing
  • Audio-visual rail for white boards, flip charts and projection screens
  • Well-appointed power sockets
  • Voice evacuation system

The audio-visual equipment is comprehensive, utilising up-to-the-minute technology and all costs for these extras are included within the room hire charge. Rooms can be sectioned off or combined, as desired, in order to provide just the right environment for your event.

The Conference Suite

Ideal for a wide range of conferences and events, including: annual general meetings (AGMs), corporate presentations, lectures and press conferences.

This option comprises Council Rooms A and B, and connecting rooms Throgmorton, Culverden and Gresham. In this layout, the Conference Suite holds 140 people theatre style, with the connecting rooms being used to serve refreshments and as additional exhibition hall space for sponsors and partners.

Council Rooms A and B

The perfect location for a board meeting or training workshop. For meetings, the layout can be designed and altered to comfortably accommodate 36 people (boardroom style) and 40 people (classroom). For training workshops, Council Rooms A and B are excellent for theatre style presentations and you have a number of smaller rooms at your disposal for brainstorming sessions or individual training break-outs.


A unique suite of rooms, comprised of Lothbury A, B and C. Each are fantastic spaces on their own but combine them and you have a light and airy suite for meetings, presentations, lectures or training workshops. Lothbury A and C are excellent rooms just made for smaller meetings, seating 12 and 8 guests respectively boardroom style. Lothbury B is the smallest of the three and can either be sectioned off as a refreshments area or used as a meeting room on its own, seating six people. Combining Lothbury A and B will provide a space suitable for 20 people (boardroom style) or 15 people (theatre) and combining Lothbury A, B and C will suit 35 people (theatre style), 25 (boardroom) and 30 (roundtable).


Throgmorton on its own is best suited to presentations, meetings or workshops for a smaller number of delegates/guests. Capacities are 30 people (theatre style), 16 (boardroom) and 14 (classroom). Refreshments can either be served in the room, or in Culverden, the connecting room.

Throgmorton, Culverden and Gresham

The combined capacity of all three rooms varies from 40 to 120 depending on layout.

These rooms, when opened up, form an excellent set-up for an evening or lunchtime reception.

Culverden and Gresham

Each of these rooms has a boardroom capacity of 8 people. So if you need somewhere to brainstorm ideas or have a departmental meeting outside of the office, then they should prove ideal. Refreshments can be served in the room or alternatively, you may wish to work in one and keep the other for a sit down lunch or dinner.

Combining the two rooms facilitates an environment that is businesslike yet informal. The combined capacity is 20 people (theatre style), 16 people (boardroom) and 10 people (classroom) making it especially suitable for smaller events.


This room is the smallest at Pinners Hall, with a capacity of 6 people (boardroom style), and is suited for conducting meetings and interviews, either on a panel or one-to-one basis. It can also be used as a perfect setting for our Private Dining package.


Bishopsgate has an unrivalled degree of flexibility to accommodate a wide range of event scenarios. It seats 20 people (theatre style), 16 people (boardroom) and 10 people (classroom) and becomes the ideal room for entertaining clients or running small workshops or team-building sessions.


Sandra Dane, Conference Suite Manager
Tel: 020 7216 8886

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