J.P. Morgan Apprenticeship Programme

J. P. Morgan launched their Bournemouth-based apprenticeship scheme in September 2013, offering young people to join the bank to gain skills in a range of topics including HR, derivatives, banking operations and corporate risk.

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Case Study – Florence

“I got my A Levels and started my career at 18 working for J.P. Morgan.”

Florence Cochrane decided to start her career straight after her A Levels in Maths, Physics and Economics, was accepted on to the Financial Services apprenticeship programme at world famous bank J.P. Morgan.

“I wanted to start my career as early as possible!”

Although the majority of my friends have gone to university to study, I knew quite early on that this route wasn’t for me. With the financial services industry, it isn’t a necessity to have a degree and experience within the sector is valued highly. It was for this reason and the fact that I wanted to apply my learning directly in the workplace that I started to look into the apprenticeship route.

“My apprenticeship has given me a much clearer view of the industry which I would not have got at university.”

I was really surprised when I first started at J.P. Morgan how ‘hands-on’ the role was. If I am honest, I expected it to be more of a ‘trainee’ role but we were thrown in at the deep end and worked on real projects from the very start. Although daunting at first, this was the best possible way to learn the industry and what it was really like to work for J.P. Morgan. I learnt so much in my first few weeks that I will never forget!

The fact I was applying what I was learning through my CISI qualification every single day really cemented the theory and concepts in my mind. Had I chosen the university route, this would not have been the case and I think it would have been much harder to understand all of the theory without being able to back it up with how it is used in the real world.

“I moved over 130 miles away from home for my apprenticeship!”

I have had the chance to live with other apprentices in the same year as me, which is fantastic and has really made my move to Bournemouth as smooth as possible. J.P. Morgan were great at putting me in touch with other apprentices to get to know people and make living arrangements before I started on my programme. Without this, I think the move away from home would have been a lot harder.

“My apprenticeship has opened so many doors for my future career development.”

Not only will I have a recognised, accredited qualification within financial services, but a wealth of industry experience behind me that sets me ahead of my graduate peers.

I would like to stay at J.P. Morgan after my apprenticeship and develop my career further with them. I would also look to continue working towards further professional qualifications within the industry.

My apprenticeship has given me the best possible start to my career and I would recommend this route to anyone who is unsure if university is the right path for them!