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CyRes Week is a pioneering educational and behaviour change initiative by the BBA aimed at helping banks understand how to become more resilient against cyber-attacks and engage their staff to play a role in protecting their information systems.

This year’s launch will comprise of a series of events addressing key risk, technology, governance and conduct issues including workshops, site visits and roundtables.

How you can get involved:

Our programme of events, workshops and webinars will give you access to the latest insights from well-renowned industry experts, help you gain in-depth knowledge and practical guidance and enable you to share your experiences and learn from your peers.

BBA Cyber Resilience Conference

10 November 2016, Allen & Overy’s Office, One Bishopsgate, London

The significant impact on market reputation and operational capability from successful cyber-attacks is regarded as one of the highest, most systemic risks facing the financial industry.

How can a bank create the right culture of cyber resilience from the top to the bottom of the organisation? What are the key vulnerabilities banks face? How can they be more effective at resisting, responding and recovering from cyber-attacks?

This one-day conference is designed to answer these questions and inspire and enable sustained cyber resilient behaviour change across the financial industry.

Conference agenda and confirmed speakers

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bbaGOLD User Briefing – 9 November, 14:00 – 16:00

Industry sharing of anonymous loss data improves awareness of causality as well as control failures and impacts, both financial and reputational. bbaGOLD was the first data sharing industry consortium when was launched in 2000. Its 30 subscribing institutions meet regularly to assess the anonymous information being submitted and discuss current industry interests.

The event is aimed at operational risk practitioners subscribing to bbaGOLD. If you would like to attend, please contact

Roundtable – Cyber on the Radar Screens of International Loss data Consortia – 9 November, 16:30 – 18:00

Operational risk arises from failures of processes or systems, actions of staff or external factors. Cyber can, and does, feature in any or all of these categories – directly used to compromise information security or deny services, enabling criminal or malicious intent, or providing a route into fragmented business structures, workforces or customer access to banking services or products. Recent research suggests that only 4% of institutions rate their cybersecurity programmes as fully effective, only 10% have a cybersecurity strategy for the Internet of Things and only 14% have a strategy for BigData. It may be tempting to think of cyber in terms of viruses, bots, malware, spam and phishing –the day-to-day battle of IT functions– but operational risk managers have a much wider remit to identify vulnerabilities in their organisation. International data consortia grapple with the identification of cyber-related losses to inform their members or subscribers collectively of relevant thematic analysis around controls, business functions and impacts. This roundtable brings a group of international consortia together for discussion, including: bbaGOLD (UK and European firms consortium managed by the BBA), ABA (US consortium managed by the American Bankers’ Association), DiPo (managed by the Italian Bankers’ Association), ORX (financial services global consortium) and ORIC (consortium for the global insurance and asset management industry).

This is an invitation only event. If you would be interested in attending, please contact


Are your missing a trick? Your people are your most effective defence against cyber-attacks?
1 November 2016

On the 21st September 2016 the FCA announced the number of cyber-attacks against financial services firms has soared in the past couple of years, with reported incidents to the City watchdog increasing by 1500% since 2014. Register for free here.

Cyber Security Preparedness: Trends and Best Practices
8 November 2016

A new benchmarking study of 94 organisations worldwide reveals priorities, focus and challenges firms face in implementing cyber security to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data. Join the co-authors of the benchmarking study from BRG as they provide a snapshot of the current state of cybersecurity practices across leading global organisations, and suggests solutions your firm can use to strengthen your cyber security resilience. Register for free here

Cyber Protection: Getting on the Right Side of the Regulator
9 November 2016

Firms are constantly fending off potential cyber attacks and this is set to continue unabated. Any cyber security breach has practical, legal and regulatory consequences, not to mention a significant reputational impact. This webinar provides practical guidance on cyber protection and key actions should a breach occur. Register for free here

Site Visits

On Friday 11th November, BT, our Headline Partner for CyRes Week, is inviting a small group of cyber security experts to its Sevenoaks Security Operations Centre. More information and a detailed agenda can be found here.

On 11th November we will hold a round table on ‘The Challenge of Open Innovation and Cyber Resilience’ at the start-up accelerator Digital Catapult which is located between King’s Cross St Pancras and Euston stations. The roundtable will be followed by demos and a tour of the facilities. The event is open to everyone. More information and a detailed agenda can be found here.

Policy Meetings

The IBFed Financial Crime Working Group will meet at the BBA on 9th November. Only members of the working group can attend.


Taking the fight to cyber criminals
Luke Beeson, VP Security, UK and Global Banking and Financial Markets, at BT blogs about what organisations can do to improve cyber security.

Ten tips to boost cyber security
Luke Beeson, VP Security, UK and Global Banking and Financial Markets, blogs about what organisations can do to improve cyber security.

Cyber – A Boardroom Imperative in a Changing World
Templar Executives Director Anu Khurmi blogs about the evolving risks of cyber-crime, and the need for greater resilience.

Cyber resilience: what does it mean to the board and why do they need to care?
Ian Davies, Deputy Chairman of BMT Group and Senior Independent Director at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, blogs about the importance of cyber resilience for company directors.

EU regulations promise shake-up for organisations’ data protection
Mark Logsdon, former AXELOS Head of Market Engagement for Cyber Resilience, blogs about data protection.

Directors’ personal data is gold dust for cyber criminals
Ian Davies, Deputy Chairman of BMT Group and Senior Independent Director at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, blogs about how criminals are trying to use directors’ personal data.

Partnership Opportunities:

A partnership with the BBA will give you access to the most influential cyber security decision-makers within the banking and financial services industry.

Engage with a highly targeted audience, get noticed within the industry, increase your brand awareness and recognition and build your pipeline for new business at CyRes Week.

To find out more contact BBA Partnerships Manager, Peter Sampson – / 020 216 8808

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