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  • Remortgaging hits four-year high, BBA figures say

    The BBA’s Chief Economist, Richard Woolhouse, and Research Analyst Aneta Dyakova explain what our latest High Street Banking Statistics say about the economy.

  • July 2015 figures for the high street banks

    Richard Woolhouse, Chief Economist at the BBA, said:

    “These figures show that thousands of us managed to tear ourselves away from the Ashes series to remortgage during July.

    “This was a 29% surge on 12 months before and the highest figure we’ve seen for four years. Savvy homeowners are snapping up competitive deals before an expected increase in interest rates.

    “There were concerns that new regulations had made applying for a mortgage more onerous. But remortgaging is still a straightforward process that can take even less time than Alastair Cook and his men took to beat Australia.”

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  • Banking activity in Northern Ireland – Q1 2015

    There were 7% more SME loan approvals in Q1 than in the same quarter a year earlier. Representing an approval rate of 9 in 10 applications, the value of new lending was some 33% higher, reflecting higher average loan values.

    Borrowing stocks in the construction and real estate sectors continue to reduce, as a result of larger businesses repaying borrowing or using alternative finance, or debt being written-off or sold.

    Household deposits and borrowing remain fairly static.

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  • Can banks satisfy the digital generation?

    Tim Franklin, an advisory board member at business process management company Firstsource Solutions, discusses the challenges for banks in a swiftly evolving digital world.

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  • BBA Brief – 31 July 2015

    The BBA Brief will return on Tuesday 1 September.

    IMF unlikely to play a role in next Greek bailout

    The International Monetary Fund has announced that it will not decide whether to agree to a new bailout programme for Greece for months – potentially into next year, the FT (£, p4) reports. The Fund’s board was told on Wednesday that Athens’ high debt levels and poor record of implementing reforms disqualify the country from a third IMF bailout, the paper says. According to documents seen by the FT, the IMF will “participate in policy discussions” to ensure the eurozone’s new bailout “is consistent with what the fund has in mind”. But negotiators “cannot reach staff-level agreement at this stage”. The documents also revealed that the IMF will decide whether to take part only after Greece has “agreed on a comprehensive set of reforms” and after eurozone bailout lenders have “agreed on debt relief”.

    RBS prepares to sell shares

    The Times (£, p1) has learnt that the sale of RBS shares is to begin “within days”, and reports that bankers acting for the Government began to contact potential investors this week in preparation for a sell-off, that could come “as early as Tuesday”. The paper adds that Chancellor George Osborne has pledged to sell three quarters of the UK’s 70% holding in RBS within this parliament.