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  • Chief Executive’s newsletter – March 2016

    Anthony Browne

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    The UK’s relationship with Europe

    The UK’s membership of the European Union has been dominating the headlines since the Prime Minister came back from Brussels with the Government’s ‘new settlement’.

    The upcoming referendum will present a once-in-a-generation opportunity for voters to have their say on this crucial issue in June. Both sides have been campaigning vigorously but, ultimately, the question of membership of the EU is rightly a matter for the British people.

    Banking is the UK’s biggest export industry and makes a major contribution to the economy. The sector’s views should form part of a broad informed debate on the UK’s relationship with Europe.

    The BBA has agreed to survey members on their position on the EU referendum and to publish the results in due course. The outcome of this survey cannot be prejudged because, as I am well aware, there are a wide range of views.

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    Written by Anthony Browne

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