In this section experts provide in-depth analysis of the important themes and issues facing the banking industry

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  • Bank branches are still integral but they are changing

    Anthony Browne

    He is apparently an icon of the banking industry. Decked out in pinstripes and inspecting his gold fob watch, he was nit-picking, bureaucratic and elitist. If anyone has the temerity to ask for an overdraft, he would bellow “stupid boy”.

    Of course, there was much to love about Captain Mainwaring of Dad’s Army, just as there was about retail banking in the mid-20th century.

    But when people say to me – as they often do – that “we need a return to Captain Mainwaring style banking”, I think “really?” The reality is that compared to the supposed golden age of banking, the way we bank now is far easier and faster.

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    Written by Anthony Browne

  • Securing growth for Europe

    Simon Hills, Executive Director, Prudential Regulation and Risk

    Europe’s securitisation markets all but disappeared following the financial crisis. But a new discussion paper from the European Central Bank and Bank of England seeks to revive them to boost growth. The BBA’s response, submitted late last week, argues that this is a welcome initiative and one the industry fully supports.

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    Written by Simon Hills, Executive Director, Prudential Regulation and Risk

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  • Accelerating competition: How to level the playing field for challenger banks

    James Barty

    There is something that politicians and bankers both agree upon – we believe that greater competition improves the service and the products that customers get. We’ve heard ideas about increasing competition in banking from across the political spectrum. Today, the BBA is adding to that debate with some new ideas on promoting competition by levelling the playing field, so that large and small banks can fairly compete for customers.

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    Written by James Barty

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