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  • Cyber Security – what has changed?

    Richard Horne

    The world has changed over the last few years, especially within banking. Its processes – from retail transactions to market operations – have been transformed by technology and continue to evolve. But there is a very real possibility that the industry’s digital dependency could have material impacts for individual banks and even develop into systemic concerns.

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    Written by Richard Horne

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  • Complaints are down, but there’s still room for improvement

    Andrew Aldred

    There are some positive signs that banks are getting to grips with the high numbers of complaints they have received in recent years. Those concerning Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) have started to fall, according to recent Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) figures. There has also been a concerted effort by banks and other financial services companies to put the customers at the centre of what they do.

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    Written by Andrew Aldred

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  • Financial World: Security in numbers

    Graham Bishop

    The term `securitisation’ normally finds itself next to words like ‘toxic’ or ‘poisonous’. Hardly surprising when AFME data shows that 22 per cent of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) defaulted during the crisis.

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    Written by Graham Bishop

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  • Enterprise Risk Management: The critical importance of data

    Charles Stewart

    Ask the senior management of a bank what they regard as most important about Enterprise Risk Management (‘ERM’) and the chances are they will tell you it is the ability to have a holistic view of the risks they are running.  Their perspective is typically ‘top-down’ and seldom do they think of it in terms of the core bottom-up enabler for ERM – data.

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    Written by Charles Stewart

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