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  • August 2014 figures for the high street banks

    David Dooks, Statistics Director at the BBA, said:

    “When customers feel more optimistic about the economic outlook they are much more likely to take on new borrowing.

    “Today’s figures show that mortgage lending in August was up 15% on last year and that credit card spending remains robust. But I was particularly struck that after years of decline demand for unsecured personal loans is rising quite strongly again.

    “Those products are often used to finance bigger purchase such as cars or major home improvements – the sort of spending we often put off until we feel confident about our financial circumstances.”

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  • Competition in the interest of customers

    Responding to the Which? report on customer satisfaction levels for bank accounts, a spokesman for the BBA said:

    “Britain has a vibrant, competitive banking market – with more than 50 current account providers. There is more and more choice between these products, which reflects how we all bank in slightly different ways.

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  • BBA response to Lord Hill’s appointment

    Responding to the appointment of Lord Hill to lead the European Commission’s newly created Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union directorate-general, Anthony Browne, chief executive of the BBA, said:

    “This is a good decision for Europe. We welcome the approach by President-elect Juncker to entrust key Commission portfolios to people with the right experience.

    “This appointment should be good for customers and businesses as the Commission looks for ways to unlock the flow of finance to bolster jobs and growth across Europe.”

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  • BBA response to today’s Bank of England Bankstats

    Commenting on the latest Bank of England monthly Bankstats, a BBA spokesman said:

    “These figures show that the net lending picture for Britain’s smaller businesses has been positive for three consecutive months. It’s heartening that fewer firms see access to finance as an obstacle to their business aspirations.

    “Banks are in the business of lending and this is good news for the economy. We encourage any business to consider applying for credit to help them grow, export or take on new staff.”

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  • BBA response to Which? report on overdraft fees

    Responding to the Which? report entitled ‘Consumers frustrated by unauthorised overdraft fees’ the BBA’s Executive Director of Retail, Eric Leenders, said:

    “Across the board overdraft charges have plummeted since 2008, with estimated consumer savings of up to £928 million over the past five years.

    “Banks are keen to help customers compare account charges in a variety of ways, from making charges easier to understand to providing useful online calculators and mobile apps. They also itemise charges on bank statements and use text alerts to communicate important account information instantly.

    “We agree with Which? that the Government’s midata initiative is an important new way for customers to compare costs. From next April all the major banks will make information about customers’ current account use available to them in downloadable spreadsheets.”

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  • BBA Q2 2014 SME lending statistics release and response to latest FLS

    Commenting on the publication of the Bank of England’s Q2 Funding for Lending Scheme statistics and the BBA’s latest figures on lending to SMEs, BBA Executive Director of Business Finance Irene Graham said:

    “BBA figures out today show that we are starting to see a pickup in borrowing by small and medium sized businesses.  It is also encouraging to see that the Funding for Lending Scheme is continuing to be used to help businesses. Companies are also increasing their cash reserves, which suggests that the sector is in a healthy position.

    “The majority of businesses who approach their bank for a loan are successful and if they are not there is a process in place that allows them to appeal the decision. We’d encourage business owners thinking about borrowing to approach their bank to learn about the range of financing options that are available.”

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  • BBA comment on the results of SME Finance monitor Q2 2014

    Commenting on the SME Finance Monitor 2014 Q2 results, a BBA spokesman said:

    “It’s encouraging that more smaller businesses are making a profit, building up cash and planning to grow. Only 8% now consider access to finance an obstacle to their future plans. The vast majority of businesses say that they’re happy with their financial situation, and those who are looking to borrow have continued to become more confident about getting finance this year.

    “High street banks approve nearly 7 out of 10 applications for lending and with an appeals process in place for those who are declined finance, we’d encourage small businesses thinking about borrowing to approach their bank to discuss the range of financing options available.”

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  • July 2014 figures for the high street banks

    BBA Chief Economist Richard Woolhouse said:

    “The banks have been working with the Government to help rebuild Britain’s savings culture. So it’s really encouraging to see evidence of savers taking advantage of the new cash ISA regime in the latest figures.

    “Savings were a little low during the first half of 2014, but it seems people were just waiting until the new rules came into effect to invest their money.

    “Initiatives like NISA are steps in the right direction but today’s household savings ratio is half that of our parents’ generation. More still needs to be done.”

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