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11th Jul 2014 Back to top
  • Borrowing levels reported by British lenders

    Major lenders today publish details of borrowing to individuals and businesses classified by more than 9,000 postcode sectors at the end of 2013, six months prior to their release.

    The industry-wide data has been compiled jointly by the BBA and the Council for Mortgage Lenders.  Participating lenders will also publish their own figures on their websites.

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  • Commenting on today’s FCA figures on interest rate hedging products

    “The banks have now written to almost all affected businesses advising them of the outcome of the review of their file. 14,549 of these customers have now received redress outcomes and more than £1.2 billion has been accepted.”

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  • Anthony Browne speech from the BBA Annual Dinner 2014

    Since 2007, a huge amount of necessary work has been done to reform and repair our banking sector.

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  • Britain embraces £1 billion-a-day digital banking “revolution”

    Mobile and internet banking is now being used for transactions worth nearly £1 billion a day, according to a major industry-wide report into consumer-friendly technology by the BBA and EY.

    The second Way We Bank Now report also shows that millions of customers are using contactless cards, payment by mobile and SMS balance alerts. In 2014 the rate of adoption of digital banking has grown strongly with more than 15,000 people downloading banking apps a day.

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30th Jun 2014 Back to top
  • BBA comments on Bank of England lending data

    Commenting on today’s Bank of England Bankstats, the BBA’s Chief Economist Richard Woolhouse said:

    “Today’s data shows that mortgage approvals fell for the fourth consecutive month in a row to a level 20% below their January peak – still around half the pre-crisis level.  This provides the strongest evidence so far that the housing market is cooling and suggests that the Mortgage Market Review is having an impact.

    “Meanwhile, there’s good news on the lending front too. New business borrowing in the past three months was 19% higher than over the same period last year.”

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  • BBA response to Financial Policy Committee recommendations

    Commenting on the recommendations of the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee, BBA Chief Economist Richard Woolhouse said:

    “This is a cautious and clever intervention by the Bank in its first major foray into macro prudential policy. The lending cap will have little impact on the market in the short-term, but sets an important backstop to ensure indebtedness does not get out of control and pose a risk to the broader economy moving forward. “

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  • May 2014 figures for the high street banks

    Richard Woolhouse Chief Economist at the BBA said:

    “Our figures indicate that the heat appears to be coming out of the housing market. These are the first mortgage approval figures we have seen since the introduction of the Mortgage Market Review, so it is significant they have fallen for the fourth month in a row. This is being driven by a drop in remortgaging and people borrowing against the value of their homes.

    “There has also been a welcome expansion in business lending this month bolstered by borrowing from the energy sector.”

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  • BBA report calls on ministers and regulators to help nurture challenger banks

    The BBA today urges ministers and regulators to implement an action plan to support competition in the banking industry.

    Banks already compete vigorously for customers, but the BBA’s report Promoting Competition in UK Banking identifies ways to encourage new players to set up and grow.

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15th Jun 2014 Back to top
  • BBA response to Appeals Process report

    Responding to the 3rd Annual Appeals Process report by the Independent External Reviewer, Professor Russel Griggs, BBA Chief Executive Anthony Browne said:

    “Today’s report shows that the Appeals Process is working and that thousands of businesses have benefited. The process is really important as it allows businesses to ask their bank to look again at their finance application if they did not get the answer that they wanted first time. That’s why it’s great that two more banks are signing up.

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