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  • BBA response to IRHP figures from FCA

    Commenting on today’s FCA figures on interest rate hedging products, a spokesman for the BBA said:

    “The banks have now written to almost all affected businesses advising them of the outcome of the review of their file. Nearly fourteen thousand of these customers have now received redress outcomes and over £1 billion has been accepted.”

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  • BBA response to Chancellor

    Responding to the Chancellor’s announcement on strengthening standards in financial markets, BBA Chief Executive Anthony Browne said:

    “Financial markets are vital for Britain’s companies and London’s place as a leading banking centre.  It is crucial that customers large and small have faith in their integrity.

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  • BBA response to the Queen’s Speech

    Commenting on today’s Queen’s Speech BBA Chief Executive Anthony Browne said:

    “It’s great to see a Bill devoted entirely to supporting smaller businesses – the first put forward by any government. This could give a shot in the arm for entrepreneurs up and down the land.

    “Banks fully support moves to make it easier for smaller firms to find the finance they need to invest and grow. The steps outlined today to encourage credit data sharing will also help businesses hoping to export.

    “Meanwhile, the Government has sent a clear commitment that it wants to take a tougher stance against financial crime by updating current legislation. That’s not just in the interests of banks and our customers, but the whole of society.”

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  • BBA response to Bank of England Bankstats

    Commenting on the latest Bank of England monthly Bankstats, BBA Chief Economist Richard Woolhouse said:

    “These figures pour cold water on claims that Britain is experiencing an overblown housing boom. As the BBA’s figures for the same period have already shown mortgage approvals fell in April for the third consecutive month. Next month’s data will be extremely significant as it will show what effect new regulation is having on lending. “

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  • BBA response to BoE/ECB discussion paper on securitisation

    Responding to the Bank of England and European Central Bank’s discussion paper on securitisation in the EU, BBA Executive Director Simon Hills said:

    “This is a comprehensive assessment of the benefits of securitisation in enabling banks to help finance the economy.  It emphasises that European securitisations actually performed well during the financial crisis, with default rates an order of magnitude lower than those in the US. Despite this clear difference in quality, European securitisations were tarred with the same brush as US sub-prime loan backed securitisations that had been originated and structured with insufficient understanding of how the underlying assets would perform in a period of stress.”

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  • BBA responds to results of SME Finance monitor Q1 2014

    Commenting on the SME Finance Monitor 2014 Q1 results, a BBA spokesperson said:

    “It’s great to see that businesses are gaining in confidence when it comes to getting bank finance and that 80 per cent are happy with their current finance arrangements. For the first time in this survey’s history as few as seven per cent of businesses see access to credit as a barrier to their growth and success.

    “Banks would encourage more businesses to come forward as almost two thirds of all applications for finance are approved – it’s clear that firms a lot more likely to be successful than they think. With an appeals process to support you there’s nothing to lose from a having a conversation about your finance needs.”

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  • BBA Q1 2014 SME lending statistics release and response to latest FLS

    Commenting on the publication of the Bank of England’s Q1 Funding for Lending Scheme statistics and the BBA’s latest figures on lending to SMEs, BBA Chief Economist Richard Woolhouse said:

    “Funding for Lending has had a positive impact on both liquidity and loan pricing since it was first introduced in 2012. Bank of England statistics have shown that credit conditions have improved and a good range of offers are available to businesses from newer and established players.”

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  • Your chance to help rebuild Britain’s saving culture

    The BBA has launched a public consultation to find new ways to encourage more people to save.

    Economists, consumers groups, academics and members of the public are invited to submit evidence and ideas about how to address the sharp decline of savings levels over the past four decades.

    Respondents to the Future of Saving consultation will be invited to answer five questions, including whether they would support the creation of new work-based savings products – a proposal backed by the BBA.

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