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  • BBA response to FOS annual review

    Responding to the Financial Ombudsman’s annual review a BBA spokesman said:

    “All banks now ensure that any packaged account that is bought by a customer is right for their individual needs.”

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  • BBA response to Lambert proposals for new banking standards body

    Commenting on Sir Richard Lambert’s announcement that a new Banking Standards Review Council is to be established, BBA Chief Executive Anthony Browne said:

    “This is an important step in the road to rehabilitating the UK’s banks.  Changing the culture of an industry will not happen overnight but the focus on transparency and regular progress reports will help to drive improvement.”

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  • BBA comment on PRA stress testing announcement

    Stress tests are a vital part of the new regulatory process which banks fully support and will enable regulators to identify potential vulnerabilities to ensure the UK banking system, which is holding significant additional amounts of extra capital and liquidity, remains robust in the face of the unlikely tail risks which the stress scenario is exploring.

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  • BBA response to today’s FCA complaints statistics

    Commenting on the latest FCA complaints statistics Eric Leenders, executive director of retail banking at the BBA, said :

    “Today’s FCA figures today show that customer complaints fell last year, with those to banks down nearly 25 per cent in just 12 months.

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