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  • A rise in M&A: BBA response on Credit Conditions survey

    Responding to today’s Bank of England Credit Conditions survey, Richard Woolhouse, the BBA’s chief economist, said: “Today’s Credit Conditions survey shows demand for lending by businesses of all size is growing and the cost of borrowing remains low.

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  • BBA comment on the Chancellor’s Budget

    Commenting on the Budget,  BBA Chief Executive Anthony Browne said: “The economy is improving but ahead of this Budget we called for action to cement the recovery.

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  • BBA response to Budget announcement on Deeds of Priority

    The BBA and the four main high street lenders: Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland; have today agreed  a common protocol that will enable alternative lenders to more readily agree with banks standard forms of  Deeds of Priority or Waivers to small businesses seeking other finance options. This should allow lenders to efficiently agree an order of priority of security to support the business loan.

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  • BBA statement on OECD agreement for information exchange between tax authorities

    Commenting on today’s agreement on the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard between international tax authorities, BBA Chief Executive Anthony Browne said: “The BBA has long called for a global solution to the problem of tax evasion.

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  • Budget Day Briefing – March 2014

    BBA welcomes help for savers and sellers

    Commenting on today’s budget the BBA’s Chief Executive, Anthony Browne said:

    “The economy is improving but ahead of this Budget we called for action to cement the recovery. Help for savers, exporters and businesses looking to invest were at the top of our list.  On all three the Chancellor has delivered.”

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  • BBA response to PRA consultation on bonus clawback

    Responding to the release of the PRA’s consultation on bonus clawback, Simon Hills, BBA executive director in charge of prudential capital and risk, said: “The BBA supports the concept of clawback.

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  • BBA response to Professor Russel Griggs’ quarterly report on the Appeals Process

    The Appeals Process is important as it offers businesses initially turned down for finance a second chance at getting credit. We can see from this quarterly report by Professor Russel Griggs – the external Appeals Process reviewer – that more and more businesses are taking the opportunity to launch an appeal with their banks. At the same time, the overturn rate is also on the decline, suggesting that the procedures within banks are getting better.

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  • BBA budget submission

    The BBA today calls on the Government to help savers and boost exports in a wide-ranging Budget submission designed to promote growth.

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  • BBA response to OFT competition announcement

    Responding to the announcement from the Office of Fair Trading on the SME banking market, BBA Chief Executive Anthony Browne said: 

    “The UK’s banks are in favour of competition – they compete with each other every day to win new customers. There is also huge change taking place at the moment with new banks and other financial providers entering the market and new technologies improving customer service.  

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