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15th Feb 2017 Back to top
  • Banking on Cloud

    Cloud banking report

    The BBA and Pinsent Masons have identified seven hurdles that banks face in adopting cloud technology, and have established a Cloud Computing Working Group to help banks, services providers and regulators develop common solutions to these issues.

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  • Wealth of Opportunities II

    A wealth of opportunitiesThe Private Banking and Wealth Management (‘PBWM’) industry, at its core, helps customers to invest their savings and manage their finances, while empowering them to look forward and build their futures with confidence.

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1st Dec 2016 Back to top
  • Financing Growth – Winter/Spring edition

    Financing Growth has been produced to help small- to medium-sized businesses identify some of the different finance options that may be available to expand their business, including information, tips and ideas about products from banks, alternative funders, commercial specialists and the Government to help you as you plan for the future.

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16th Nov 2016 Back to top
  • BBA Autumn Statement Submission: November 2016

    This is the BBA’s submission on the Autumn Statement 2016. The main priorities of the BBA are outlined and recommendations for reform are put forward. Making Brexit work for Britain, supporting SMEs and savers, bank taxation, digital and exports are amongst the key issues discussed.

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10th Nov 2016 Back to top
  • Access to Banking Protocol

    Access to Banking ProtocolOne Year on Review by Professor Russel Griggs OBE – November 2016

    That we as a society and individuals are managing our financial lives very differently to the way we did even 10 years ago is clear and it is us as consumers that have been driving that change and the pace at which that is going. We are now demanding that those who we do our banking with offer us a multitude of different ways to access and manage our finances and the banks have responded to that by becoming multi-channel organisations who deal with us now more through the internet and mobile devices than they do through traditional channels like branches.

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  • 2016 Total Tax Contribution of the UK banking sector

    2016 Total Tax Contribution of the UK banking sectorThe banking sector contributes to the UK economy in many ways. Paying tax is an important element of that contribution but there has historically been little robust data on the contribution made by the banking sector in taxes. The first Total Tax Contribution study of the sector, carried out in 2015, provided useful evidence and highlighted that the contribution extends beyond corporation tax to include irrecoverable VAT, bank levy, stamp duties and employment taxes.

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1st Oct 2016 Back to top
  • The Benefits of Banking 2016

    Banking is at the heart of the economy and our daily lives. It plays a crucial role in helping us carry out a range of transactions, from the weekly shop to buying a home. The industry also helps savers put money away for a rainy day and businesses to expand their operations overseas into new markets.

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22nd Jul 2016 Back to top
  • Help at Hand Leaflet

    Help at Hand LeafletWe have more choice than ever about how, when and where we manage our money. Driven by consumer demand, digital innovation in banking is rapidly rising and giving us flexibility to manage our money on our terms.

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  • Help at Hand

    Help at HandThe BBA’s influential Way We Bank Now report shows that through the use of digital technology we are in contact with our bank more than ever before. And for the first time customers are preferring to use mobile apps more than banks’ websites.

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