16th September 2016

BBA Briefing – Closer at hand

Retail banking customers in the UK can now access their money in more ways and at more locations than ever before:

  • Customers are able to do face-to-face banking in more than 20,000 bank branches and post offices.
  • Customers are now just 1.4 miles away on average from their nearest bank branch.
  • 9% of people now live within a 20 minutes drive time of a bank branch or post office.
  • Internet banking declined for the first time, as customers migrate to mobile apps. There were 4.3 million internet banking logins a day in 2015 – a 2% fall since 2014.
  • By comparison, there were 7,638 banking app logins a minute in 2015 – a 50% rise from 2014. There were also 40,000 app downloads a day in 2015 – a 25% rise on the previous year.
  • Free ATMs are just a 2 minute drive away on average.

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