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19th Jun 2015 Back to top
  • Close at hand

    CloseathandWe are in touch with our banks now more than ever before. That’s because it is easier than ever for us to do our banking.

    You can check your balance on a banking app, get text alerts to help you avoid fees and speak to advisers through new innovations like video banking.

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16th Jun 2015 Back to top
  • The Benefits of Banking

    benefitsofbanking-June2015Banking is all around us.

    It affects the way we organise our daily lives, helps us with life-changing decisions, like buying our first home, or the smaller things, like paying our bills on time.

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15th Jun 2015 Back to top
  • World of Change

    wwbnCan the way we spend, move and manage our money ever have changed so much and so quickly? This transformation has been astonishing and this exciting journey is still only just beginning.

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25th Feb 2015 Back to top
  • BBA Briefing – Bank bonuses

    Since the financial crisis there have been sweeping changes in the way bonuses are awarded and paid to bank staff. Bonuses are smaller, are often deferred for several years before being received and can be clawed back if failures subsequently come to light.

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13th Feb 2015 Back to top
  • Good returns – What banks are putting back into communities

    Good Returns

    In 2013, the six largest UK retail banks invested £366 million in communities worldwide – an increase of 9% since 2010. But making a positive contribution to society is not just about spending money. More than 181,000 employees spent in excess of 1.1 million hours volunteering on supported projects.

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10th Feb 2015 Back to top
  • Financing the UK’s infrastructure needs

    Financing the UK's infrastructure needsPrivate finance has a valuable role to play in meeting Britain’s infrastructure requirements. Banks and institutions provide the upfront capital investment to build the projects the UK needs but require predictable revenue streams in order to support this financing. Securing this finance is essential if the UK is to renew its ageing network utilities, remain internationally competitive and boost growth.

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2nd Oct 2014 Back to top
  • A Wealth of Opportunities

    A wealth of opportunitiesThe BBA’s Wealth of Opportunities report, which is supported by the Wealth Management Association (WMA), reveals that investors rate the UK higher than other financial centres for these services, and that the sector last year paid taxes of £1.2 billion – equivalent to £19 for each individual living in the UK.

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23rd Jul 2014 Back to top
  • Financing European Growth

    Financing European GrowthThe most urgent task for Europe is to generate a lasting recovery and permanently stronger economic growth. The financial crisis has resulted in high unemployment levels in parts of Europe which could undermine the fabric of society and youth unemployment rates which will potentially leave permanent scars. Without urgent action, the danger is of a ‘lost generation’ of disaffected young people.

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21st Jul 2014 Back to top
  • British influence in the EU

    british-influenceCulture, acquired knowledge and networks frame the understanding of problems and the proposed solutions even in the best managed bureaucracies. This is true for the European institutions, especially for the biggest institution by sheer staff numbers, the European Commission.

    While EU civil servants and Commissioners are not supposed to consider the national interests of their country, the relevant academic research1 acknowledges the importance of nationality in international organisations and the Commission implicitly accepts this by its requirement in the staff regulations for “geographical balance”.

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