17th June 2014

The Benefits of Banking

Supporting you. Supporting Britain

Banking benefits everyone.

It allows millions of us to pay for goods, services and transfer money whenever and wherever we want. Providing livelihoods for hundreds of thousands families across the country.

Banks contribute billions of pounds a year to our public services, paying the salaries of nurses, teachers and other vital workers.

But many of the benefits of banking to our country are not nearly so obvious.

Banking has become our biggest export industry, allowing millions of us to enjoy an array of imports – be it the smartphone in your pocket or the food at the end of your fork – at more affordable prices.

More than 9 million of us are using no-frills, basic bank accounts that would not be available if we lived in some other countries.

Banks made mistakes in the last decade. At times they lost sight of their customers. But this is a vital industry for Britain’s future and one that supports businesses, the economy and you in your everyday life.