BBA Consultation Responses

Please find below a list of BBA consultation responses.

Business Finance

The BBA corporate and business finance team is at the heart of business and growth policy development. It provides direction on key policy issues affecting all business types from start ups, to SMEs, midcaps and larger firms, including key industrial sectors relevant to the UK economy and banking industry. The work of the team spreads across UK government departments and regions and with the EU.

Capital Markets & Infrastructure

As one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated centres for wholesale finance, the UK’s capital markets are of critical importance to the global economy. The BBA’s capital markets and infrastructure team is at the forefront of policy discussions on regulatory reforms and changes for the industry, representing the interests of the industry in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Financial and Risk Policy

The Financial and Risk Policy committee comprises senior bankers who advise the relevant BBA teams on their policy work spanning banking reform, financial reporting, disclosure, taxation, prudential risk and capital, financial crime and HR.

Financial Crime

The Financial Crime team works to support the industry’s efforts to combat financial crime by coordinating banking sector strategy and policy through industry committees, providing guidance, seminars, conferences and training and by representing the industry in UK, EU and international bodies.


The BBA’s Retail Team cover all areas of personal banking from savings and investments to debt and payments. Working with the industry, the BBA’s Retail Team are at the forefront of policy discussion both in the UK and EU. We also engage closely with the Government and regulators to provide insight into the sector. A core part of the team’s work is focussed on working with the industry to raise standards and restore trust in this vital industry.