Business Continuity

Helping industry as it strives to offer customers safe, secure and seamless service delivery is a key objective of the BBA.

Capital Markets

Fair, effective and efficient capital markets are the lifeblood of the global economy and are of enormous importance to BBA members.

Client Assets

The safe keeping and return of client money and assets is vital to members, especially as the financial crisis has shown a need for reform in this area.

Custody and Infrastructure

The business of custody is a critical function performed by the UK’s banking industry and whose interests the BBA has long served as this sector has evolved.


As the EU’s law to introduce the G20’s commitment to reduce systemic risk in the OTC derivatives markets, EMIR presents a significant challenge to the industry, their clients and regulators.

Market Abuse

Robust policies to prevent market abuse are vital for the integrity of markets and for the protection of all market participants.


The EU’s proposals to revise the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) consist of a Directive and a Regulation which aim to make financial markets more efficient, resilient and transparent, as well as strengthening the protection for investors. The new framework will also increase the supervisory powers of regulators and provide clear operating rules for all trading activities and new trading venues.

Money Market Funds

Money Market Funds play a vital role within the global financial services sector and represent a very important cash management tool for capital markets. In turn, the investments made by MMFs provide short-term finance to financial institutions, corporations and governments. They are critically important.


Transaction reporting is an essential regulatory tool to identify market abuse and is an area under significant regulatory change. The key regulatory changes in this area are being implemented through the EU’s current MiFIR proposals which significantly expand the range of instruments that will need to be reported.