20th April 2017

Guidance on MiFIR Transaction Reporting Short Selling Indicator

The content of this document is output from the BBA Transaction Reporting WG (“the WG”), and represents the views of the members of that WG. The content is for guidance only. It has not been approved by any regulatory body as official guidance, nor has it been the subject of official legal review by any external law firm. While anyone is welcome to use the document, it is entirely at their own risk.

MiFIR transaction reporting introduces a number of new requirements on relevant industry participants, one of which is a new field requiring the completion of a “short sale indicator” for transaction reports. Mandating firms to indicate whether a transaction is a short sale or not is a significant change from MIFID I, and resulted in a great deal of debate within the industry, not least within the WG.

The WG identified a number of questions which will inevitably arise when firms implement the short selling requirements of the MiFIR transaction reporting regime. Following detailed discussion and debate among participants of the WG, members agreed a common approach to the implementation of these matters. The WG agreed it would be beneficial to share these conclusions with all those interested in this subject.

Please downlaod the full guidance document via the link below.