Complaint Handling

BBA members are continuing to improve their systems to ensure that all customer complaints are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Credit and Debt

Responsible lending and the fair treatment of customers in financial difficulty lies at the heart of the BBA’s credit and debt policy. Our work also includes sponsorship of the Lending Code and governance of credit data sharing.

Financial Inclusion

BBA members are working, often together with other key stakeholders, to ensure that efforts are made to improve financial capability in the UK and that all customers have appropriate access to the financial services they require.

Managing Customer Data and Information

BBA members look after sensitive financial data for 120 million customers. It’s the industry’s role to ensure this data is safe, well-maintained and used properly.

Savings and Investment

From cash deposits to long-term saving for retirement, banks help customers meet their financial goals by providing a range of savings and investment products and services.