5th May 2017

Access to Banking Standard

In 2015 the main highs street banks signed up to an industry-wide agreement to work with customers and communities to minimise the impact of branch closures. The operation of the Protocol was subsequently independently reviewed in 2016 by Professor Russel Griggs to assess the success of its operation, and the recommendations made by Professor Griggs have now been integrated into a new Access to Banking Standard. The Standard will apply to all closures announced after 1 May 2017, and to any previously announced closures taking place after 1 August 2017

The Standard will ensure that customers are better informed about a branch closure and the reasons for it, and made aware of the options they have locally to continue to access banking services, whether as via alternative branches, a local Post Office, or other channels.  It will also ensure that specialist help is provided for those that need it, to access online or mobile banking services, or to explore other alternatives.

Access to Banking Protocol Review