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  • BBA Reports Total Tax Contribution of the UK banking sector

    This Total Tax Contribution study has been carried out for the British Bankers’ Association with the aim of analysing the contribution in taxes made by its members. The banking sector Read More

  • BBA Reports The Benefits of Banking

    Banking is all around us. It affects the way we organise our daily lives, helps us with life-changing decisions, like buying our first home, or the smaller things, like paying our bills on Read More

  • BBA Reports World of Change

    Can the way we spend, move and manage our money ever have changed so much and so quickly? This transformation has been astonishing and this exciting journey is still only just beginning. Read More

  • BBA Reports Digital Disruption: UK Banking Report

    Digitisation is changing many industries across the world and altering the way we as individuals and companies operate. Banking is no different. While banking has been on a path towards Read More

  • BBA Reports Good returns – What banks are putting back into communities

    In 2013, the six largest UK retail banks invested £366 million in communities worldwide – an increase of 9% since 2010. But making a positive contribution to society is not just about Read More

  • BBA Reports Financing the UK’s infrastructure needs

    Private finance has a valuable role to play in meeting Britain’s infrastructure requirements. Banks and institutions provide the upfront capital investment to build the projects the UK needs but require predictable revenue Read More

  • BBA Reports A Wealth of Opportunities

    Private banking and wealth management in the UK:  Economic impact, the view of the investors and latest trends. One of the hallmarks of private banking and wealth management is discretion. So Read More

  • BBA Reports Financing European Growth

    The most urgent task for Europe is to generate a lasting recovery and permanently stronger economic growth. The financial crisis has resulted in high unemployment levels in parts of Europe Read More

  • BBA Reports British influence in the EU

    Culture, acquired knowledge and networks frame the understanding of problems and the proposed solutions even in the best managed bureaucracies. This is true for the European institutions, especially for the Read More

  • BBA Reports It’s in your hands

    A revolution is underway in how people spend, move and manage their money… Millions of customers are harnessing easy-to-use technology that allows you to bank wherever and whenever you please. Read More