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  • BBA Reports Promoting competition in the UK banking industry

    The BBA’s position on competition is clear. We support competition and want customers, both retail and business, to have choice both in the bank and the type of banking they Read More

  • BBA Reports The cyber threat to banking – A global industry challenge

    Innovation is crucial to the survival of the banking industry and banks are constantly looking for ways to harness new technology to enable more efficient and effective services. In a Read More

  • BBA Reports The Benefits of Banking

    Supporting you. Supporting Britain Banking benefits everyone. It allows millions of us to pay for goods, services and transfer money whenever and wherever we want. Providing livelihoods for hundreds of thousands Read More

  • BBA Reports Banking on the move

    A revolution is underway in how people spend, move and manage their money. Millions of customers are harnessing easy-to-use technology that allows you to bank wherever and whenever you please. Read More