Santander Apprenticeship Programme

Santander have been providing NVQ apprenticeships since 2013, but this year the model is changing. New “Trailblazer” apprenticeships are being developed to help candidates develop new, job relevant skills.

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Case Study – Jordan

How did you hear about Apprenticeships?
I spoke with someone at school and explained that I didn’t want to go to University and A-levels just weren’t for me. I wanted to find a way into a bank and that way was apprenticeships.

How has the Apprenticeship helped you?
Because of the study I have a better understanding of dealing with customers on a more personal level and it has helped me achieve the standard that Santander expects. Because the qualification related more to experience it was more about building on the initial training I was given by Santander.

I applied for many jobs before and no other company would give me a chance. I couldn’t get a job without experience I couldn’t get experience without a job but via the apprenticeship route you were able to find a way of getting both.

What are you most proud of achieving whilst on your Apprenticeship?
The support from In-Training. Also I have asked friends where they see themselves and I feel like I’m glad I didn’t go to Uni I feel like I’ve been able to fast-track into the role I wanted to be in.

What’s next? Where do you see yourself in five years time?
I’ve just applied for a Team Manager role. In the future I see myself as a Santander Manager hopefully – being a great manager and leading as an individual – having my own team, have my own responsibilities and leading them without assistance from anyone else. The qualification is the only reason I am here and able to do it.

Would you recommend Apprenticeships and why?
Why not, it gets you into a great company I feel my job is safe and the experience is vital. Ask as many questions as you can.