Fully Booked: Cyber Security: What Every Bank Needs To Know

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Cyber security breaches are increasingly dominating the headlines and the FCA continues to highlight that this is a key risk to regulated firms. Whilst cybercriminals don’t discriminate when it comes to industry, financial services has always been an attractive target with cyber-crime costing the global economy £266 billion each year. In light of these unprecedented levels, there can be no respite for financial institutions who need to ensure they continue to keep pace with the evolving Threats and proactively address the risks.

A recent incident in March 2016 highlighted what appears to have been the world’s biggest ever cyber-crime against a bank to date and reflects the fact that hackers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and daring in their attempts to breach banking security. The danger is such that the Bank of England is alive to the systemic risk which might result from a cyber-attack and, with this in mind, has ordered banks to test their resilience.

For banks, getting it right has never been more important and effective cyber resilience capabilities are essential for increasing customer loyalty, differentiating yourselves from competitors and, building a strong brand image – all of which will have a positive effect on your bottom line.

Get it wrong and the fall out can be devastating. A cyber-attack wreaks ongoing havoc to business operations; causes considerable harm to the firm’s reputation; casts doubts over the competency of management and not least, provokes regulatory investigations that can cost millions in penalty fines.

It is therefore fundamental for financial institutions to take a proactive approach to mitigating these risks by understanding the Cyber landscape and raising the awareness on how to address the Threats in a way that is business enabling.

This half day workshop is aimed at all who work in the regulated sector including Senior Leaders and Managers, Risk, Compliance and Legal professionals. It will provide delegates with a comprehensive overview of the Cyber Security landscape, including the threats, strategy and governance, international standards and best practices.

On completion of this GCHQ certified half day workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Demystify ‘Cyber Security’ and associated terminology;
  • Understand the interconnected Cyber landscape and why knowledge of Cyber Security is critical for those working in the Financial Services ecosystem;
  • Realise the scale, nature and impact of the evolving Threats and different Cyber-crime attack vectors such as: The Insider Threat, Social Engineering, Malware, Phishing, Ransomware and Vishing.
  • Gain an overview of the Compliance, Risk and Legal obligations including UK regulatory requirements, corporate and personal liabilities and responsibilities, and consequences of a breach.
  • Understand what constitutes best practice across areas key areas including: leadership and governance, business risk management, protecting business critical assets, and, personal cyber security;
  • Engage in discussions and exercises including relevant real world case studies.

  • Cyber Security: A dynamic landscape covering Threats, Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures – including FSS Case Studies;
  • Compliance, Risk and Legal landscape: UK regulations; personal and corporate liabilities and obligations;
  • Information Assurance: identifying and protecting information assets, and classification of data; consequences of a breach;
  • Business Information Risk Management including risk assessments and controls, frameworks and UK/ international standards;
  • Best Practices including: leadership and governance, roles and responsibilities, and incident response management.

09:00 –  Registration
09:30 – Start
11:00-11:15 – Coffee Break
13:00 – Close

* Please note that the workshop sequence and/or subject matter may differ from that described here.  The programme is constantly being updated to embrace new ideas and developments as they evolve.

Trainers use a blend of presentational methods in order to aid a delegate’s understanding of the workshop content.  Wherever relevant the workshop is enhanced through the use of group exercises, role play, and case studies.

Andrew Fitzmaurice

CEO, Templar Executives


As CEO of Templar Executives, Andrew Fitzmaurice has led a number of interventions to support FTSE 100 companies and with his Templar Executives Team, designed cyber security transformation programmes to address shortfalls in ‘holistic cyber security maturity’ through addressing holistic security issues: people, culture, processes and Information Communications Technology. He has also established a Cyber Academy whose courses are accredited by GCHQ, IISP and BCS.


Andrew’s background includes 18 years in the military specialising in air command and control. He has been closely involved in and authored key publications and policies including: The Data Handling Review 2008; The IA Diagnostic Methodology; the Ministry of Defence Information Assurance Strategy; and the national Information Assurance/Cyber Security strategy. He established the Senior Cyber Risk and Assurance Board now known as the Information Risk Assurance Board, and continues to work extensively with seniors in the Cabinet Office, GCHQ, and a wide-range of other Government Departments as well as the private sector, providing assurance, advisory and training capability.


Andrew has worked extensively in the financial sector, developing Cyber Security and Information Assurance strategy, as well as delivering Board briefings, leading audits and training and mentoring Senior Executives.



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