MLRO Refresher Training

So often, MLROs are so busy ensuring that everyone else in their firm receives the AML training, that the need to keep up to date as the MLRO gets overlooked. To assist you with this, BBA have developed a half-day workshop which looks at the current areas of interest to AML regulators, enhanced with case histories and studies.

This is an interactive workshop to which delegates can bring their own current issues and challenges to add to the current themes identified above. Attendance provides an opportunity to find pragmatic solutions to current challenges, born of the experience of others, thus leading to resolutions that can be considered to reflect current market practice.

Specific themes addressed in the workshop include:

  • Challenges arising from the split of responsibilities between the firm’s senior management (in particular the designated Senior Manager in regulated firms) and the MLRO
  • Issues arising from the firm’s ML risk assessment and the ongoing maintenance of it
  • Practical updates from managing the firm’s SAR arrangements with particular reference to the ongoing developments in NCA
  • Training and awareness, contrasting retail and wholesale markets’ practical needs
  • Management information, including the regulatory requirement for an annual report to senior management
  • Regulators’ current areas of interest


By attending this workshop you will:

  • Evidence a continuing level of competence
  • Appreciate the continuing high profile nature of the MLRO role and the approach of their firm’s AML regulator to their supervisory responsibilities
  • Be aware of the importance of practical issues arising from applying relevant industry guidance and, particularly, of any guidance carrying approved status
  • Give practical assistance in the creation of the firm’s ML risk assessment and the development therefrom of risk based CDD arrangements and other systems, procedures and controls for AML/CTF
  • Recognise the wider issues and challenges relating to the firm’s AML training regime
  • Benchmark against other firms’ practical experience of matters arising from their own firm’s day-to-day management of its AML/CTF regime, including its monitoring arrangements and with particular reference to enhanced CDD and monitoring obligation

  • The statutory and regulatory origins of the Nominated Officer’s/MLRO’s responsibilities and the parallel responsibilities of senior management – identifying and addressing issues arising from the ‘fit’ between the MLRO and senior management
  • Explores the current expectations of the FCA and other regulators
  • Identifies and considers any matters arising from using the Guidance issued by the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) and other regulatory authorities for AML purposes
  • Reviews the working of the risk-based approach, focusing on issues encountered producing a risk based AML assessment of a firm’s business and the development therefrom of the firm’s systems, procedures and controls for AML/CTF purposes
  • Revisits the structural regime required to be put in place to meet and support suspicion reporting obligations within the firm and interfacing with external authorities, with special reference to the ‘consent’ regime
  • Compares the uses and limitations of the annual report required by regulatory Rules to be delivered from the MLRO to senior management
  • Addresses the role of AML training in being able to demonstrate competences of senior managers and Approved Persons to the regulator
  • Uses case histories and examples and accommodates delegates own issues to work towards pragmatic solutions that can reflect good market practice

Registration:  09:00
Start:  09:30
Close: 12:30

* Please note that the workshop sequence and/or subject matter may differ from that described here.  The programme is constantly being updated to embrace new ideas and developments as they evolve

Samantha Woods

Samantha is a highly experienced compliance professional with over 16 years of financial crime experience. She initially qualified as a chartered accountant, specialising in advising financial services firms in the area of AML, and was then seconded to the UK Financial Services Regulator for 2 years to work in their financial crime team, where she undertook over 50 firm visits to review their financial crime systems and controls.


Samantha subsequently spent 8 years as the CF-11 (Money Laundering Reporting Officer) in two large brokerage houses and has more recently headed the Financial Crime Risk Advisory team for the commercial bank of a major UK banking group. Samantha has had extensive training experience in AML, sanctions and bribery, covering both development and delivery. This has ranged from developing online training courses and classroom based training material, assessing the adequacy of financial crime training in firms and delivering training to employees at all levels of seniority.

Take this training in-house

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